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"Hangzhou has" not making friends after G20 media denounced the discredit China crazy – Sohu news editor’s note: the "I’m sorry, you are not making friends" in Hangzhou after the G20 summit in Hangzhou in September 18th, the viral spread, "Qianjiang Evening News" with two full page headlines, made by the space survey and comment on the publication of the newspaper "special report group" written. The report quoted comment, rebuked the related WeChat marketing number for the purpose of profit, to enlarge development problems, to stir up sensational social emotional poison "," after universally hailed the success of Hangzhou G20, this paper with hostility to discredit Hangzhou, even boost housing prices". The newspaper commentator in "the so-called" can not afford ", is in fact to discredit China" title, said the article is a discredit Chinese viral spread, "the interests behind the action, the hidden social value is misleading, discredit a virus China implantation". Following this group of reports. In September 12th, an article entitled "sorry, you can not afford the" Hangzhou people in Hangzhou WeChat viral circle of friends. Due to the content of Hangzhou’s housing, transportation, education, price and other livelihood areas, the number of hits quickly break 100 thousand. Some people think the stamp in their pain points, but more people start thinking: publishers to discredit and discredit, specifically pick the widespread urban diseases in Hangzhou body and magnify. Some netizens commented, with the problems in the development of the fanning amplification, with sensational poison the social emotions, especially after universally hailed the success of Hangzhou G20, I do not know what the heart? The main WeChat public release of this article is Shenzhen Duoyide company, the company has offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou and many other city, WeChat public everywhere named "XX life tide". The beginning of July and August, these regions (including but not limited to) the "tide of life" has released a "sorry, you can not afford" XX articles and spread on the net, seems to have become a "can not afford" series. Are living in Hangzhou "thirteenth pain points", including "volatile weather" end of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou people are back to when the host happy to celebrate their own. At this time, "I’m sorry, you can not afford" Hangzhou has suddenly appeared in the circle of friends. At the beginning of the article, said: Hangzhou, a new city. There are opportunities, fashion, beauty, food, or the country’s first G20 City, cattle! Hangzhou has also become a place where many people choose to live. With the change of the content of progressive, style: compared with the deep North of Guangzhou, Hangzhou resident population still less, but Xiaobian want to say is that Hangzhou has let people can not afford! Then, this paper enumerates the life in Hangzhou 13 pain points, including housing, transportation, education, price, and even the weather, marriage, language, say "Hangzhou drift" is not easy. Although seemingly cited many official data, but is actually a discredit to discredit. For example, the article to G20 after the blowout of tourists in Hangzhou, inferred that Hangzhou is a city on the tourist season". As a world-class scenic city of Hangzhou, to travel.相关的主题文章: