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Health Many people have heard this statement: You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well having a white smile can help anyone to make a great first impression. Just think about the number of times when people can benefit from making a great first impression. In the above section, the reader learned about how a white smile can help a job applicant create a good impression, whenever he or she .es in for a job interview. This is undoubtedly a time when that first impression holds extreme importance. It is not, however, the only time in life when one can benefit from having a white smile. Every web site that deals with some type of matchmaking ought to advertise teeth whitening products. When anyone meets a potential spouse, he or she wants to make a great first impression He or she can benefit from having a white smile. When someone moves to a new city or a new neighborhood in the same city, he or she then meets the new neighbors. At that time the new kid on the block needs to create a good first impression. The new kid can benefit from having a white smile. Today, more than ever, almost everyone needs a white smile. Almost anyone can end up in video, a video that might be posted on the Internet. The technology that has given us access to web sites with tools for tooth whitening has also given us more ways to display those whitened teeth. Those people who have failed to whiten their teeth can not impress any Internet surfer who happens to see them in an online video. Meanwhile, society continues to make use of still pictures, particularly photos of the face. Yearbooks, once used only in high school, are now .mon in Middle school and even some elementary schools. Such yearbooks give children an early lesson on the importance of teeth whitening. Young students can see that a white smile creates a pleasing yearbook photo. A wise biology teacher might want to capitalize on the observations made by the young students. The teacher might offer to teach the students about how to whiten teeth. In the process the teacher could teach them about dental care and about the nature of the human tooth. Politicians need to make a good first impression. Politicians can benefit from having whiter teeth. White teeth can help any politician, even one running for the School Board. A white smile might help a candidate to convince the public that the schools need a better system for delivery to the students of good dental care. A .munity activist needs a white smile. The activist often goes door to door making his or her statement. Sometimes the activist stands in a public place. In either situation, the activist can make a stronger argument if he or she has the backing of a white smile. Even a shopper can benefit from having a white smile. Someone with stained teeth is not apt to feel .fortable shopping in a high class department store. He or she might thus confine any shopping excursions to the stores with the bargain prices. Such shopping practices automatically limit the variety of goods available to the shopper. Suppose that someone with stained teeth did venture into a store such as Neiman Marcus. Do you think that the average clerk would take the time to show such a shopper all of the available items in the department of his or her interest? No doubt the average clerk would only show such a shopper the cheapest items, feeling that he or she did not have the means to pay for the more expensive items. About the Author: By: Nicholas Hedge – Everybody gets into the Irish mood on St. Patrick’s Day with green clothing, food and drinks preferably "Beer" which may not be a heart-healthy choice. Go green this Saint Patty’s D … By: Pieter Reynolds – Are you an athlete who finds it difficult to run from the last few days? 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