[almond slice coffee biscuits] no one can casually want to live on their own – Sohu eat and drink-pigeon blood

[] no coffee almond cookies, can casually have to eat the cookies – Sohu is a very strong aroma of coffee, it is also very simple, is estimated to have a certain understanding of the people can do the baking. I prefer the bitter taste of coffee, so it adds a lot of coffee, or the bitter black coffee. We can according to their own situation to adjust the amount of kazakhstan. Today, chicken soup, after the tutorial. Weight: about 35 pieces of material: 100 grams of butter, sugar 80 grams, egg 30 grams, 15 grams of black coffee powder, low gluten flour 180 grams, 45 grams of almonds: 1, butter at room temperature after softening with fine sugar. 2, electric egg beater to send a uniform. 3, adding three times the egg, each with a uniform sent. 4, has been sent to the full integration of the state with egg butter. 5, the low gluten flour and coffee powder mixed into the sieve into the butter. 6, and then into the almond slices. 7, with a scraper mixing evenly, to no dry powder state. 8, after the bag into the bag, the dough into a dough. 9, after the formation of a plastic into a long strip. 10, with the help of biscuit boxes or other plastic things you can round rectangular and cylindrical. 11, put the refrigerator frozen to the hard, I probably spent an hour, then take out the biscuits, cut into the thickness of about 0.5-0.6cm cookies. Set 12, into the shop oil pan. 13, get angry 180, under the fire will preheat the oven, if you can not separate the oven heating up and down the tube, it is transferred to a temperature of 170 degrees on the preheating of the 160. 14, after the biscuits into the middle, continue this temperature up and down fire bake for 25 minutes. 1, I love her? Two slightly bitter coffee cookies, so I put some coffee powder, and black coffee, so the color is deep, you can instead use Instant Coffee powder. 2, almonds, if there is no point to put the almond broken line, no words will not add. 3, each oven temperature difference, so the last few minutes to look carefully, don’t bake cookies. 4, this belongs to the frozen type biscuit, need frozen section, try to cut thin, will not have when baking paste some not ripe. People often make a mistake, it is often only see others dressed for pleasure, but often ignore them behind those gray days. If you don’t cry in the middle of the night, you are not qualified to talk about life. In my circle of friends have such a trip Master, with the outsider, her life is simply to pull hatred with death, let us all these ordinary people who envy envy hate. For example, you will see her every month tour in different countries, her work is everywhere idle away in seeking pleasure, taste the delicacy shopping, there are a lot of wear beautiful tall attend various activities, just like a white Formica portrayal of life. of surprise相关的主题文章: