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From the monthly income of 1200 to 30000+, I spent 4 years in Sohu financial yesterday in an article "push" accountant "the occupation may fire", found that many people have misconceptions about the accountant occupation. However, a lot of people say that the right to hold a certificate of accounting practitioners have been many, many, and has a strong substitutability. Goose, I want to say is that any grass-roots work mobility is very strong, very strong substitutability. Because the gold content is not high, or is the entry threshold is low, but it is not easy to do. Accountants are no exception. You can refer to the following two’s message: @ wild child just just to see a children’s shoes have been doing odd jobs like that cost accounting. As long as you can do well in cost accounting, has 3 years of experience you are very popular. I did two years and then quit, too many companies preferred. Personally think that it is necessary to do a better job planning, determine what direction they want to develop. I also did all the accounting for 3 years, finally found I really love the tax in this direction, now has been doing this, are also very happy very pushy. @ summer hit everyone’s enthusiasm, accounting qualification certificate can only be called accounting practitioners, that can do accounting. Only continue to pass the primary accounting title or intermediate accounting title can be called assistant accountant (junior accountant) or intermediate accountant, can be regarded as a real accountant. There are many other exams on accounting. @Pu accounting practitioners and not much ah, CPA is paid necessary, just finished the note will pass by, crying. Summarize the main points of three children: if you have the qualifications to find work or income is not high, only that you xueyibujing. What’s more, you don’t have a clear career plan. Accounting qualification certificate is only the beginning, does not mean that you are already a formal accountant. The back of the road is still very long. CPA (Certified Public Accountants) is a must pay. According to incomplete statistics, the number of Certified Public Accountants in China at around 100 thousand. Compared with the number of millions of applicants per year, the number of rotten street? And regardless of the profession. Let’s talk about the other occupation we loved. For example, sales. Yeah, I’m going to start telling stories. Today, she had a small interview with her financial wealth of honey @ Lin Bai and snails, her job is to sell. From the initial monthly income of 1200, now a monthly income of over 3W, take a look at how she did it from a monthly income of 1200 to 30000+, I used the nature of the work of 4 years by her financial honey @ Lin white and snail I is sales. Everyone should know that sales, income is not a fixed salary, into a single, the Commission on the high, into a single small, less wages. Play is the heartbeat. 3w+ is my after tax salary this month, but not every month is 3w+. Four years of work, I think the most important thing is to make the right choice. In service"相关的主题文章: