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Lin Dan issued a public apology by netizens angrily, Li Zongwei accidentally lying gun – Sports Sohu Beijing time on November 17th, according to detective Zhao five broke the news, the famous badminton player Lin Dan and mysterious woman his wife was pregnant during the derailment. Then, on the afternoon of 17, Lin Dan for the first time to respond to this incident, he wrote: "as a man, I don’t do more for their excuse, but my behavior hurt my family, here, I apologize to my family, I’m sorry." It is understood that this mysterious woman as she once won the 2005 supermodel Zhao Yaqi, Miss intercontinental contest runner up and Miss Tourism International Competition for the Miss Universe 2009 Chinese champion figure is very hot. Lin Dan’s apology statement immediately after the announcement sparked a hot debate. Lin Dan point of praise in the high volume of comments, there are a lot of expression of the image of the damaged Lin Dan regret, there are fans expressed disappointment and sad mood. In addition to Lin Dan expressed regret for the net friend, there are users that can not accept the so-called apology of Lin Dan, the user wrote." However, in Lin Dan’s derailment, following the Tao, Chen Hyuk, known as the enemy of the life of Li Zongwei, also accidentally lying gun. Some netizens wrote: I would rather Lin Dan derailed Li Zongwei! But perhaps the woman is Li Zongwei in disguise." The comment received more than 20 thousand points of praise. Li Zongwei is a year older than Lin Dan, is Malaysia badminton big brother. Li Zongwei has played against 37 times with Lin Dan, with a record of 25 wins and 12 losses in the top. Although Li Zongwei had won 12 games from the top of the head of Lin Dan, but not until the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, in order to really beat the international heavyweight championship in the United States, in the end of the year, the United States and the United States, the United States in the world cup in the United States, the United States in the international competition to win the victory of the world cup in the United States, the United States and the United States in the international competition. Lin Dan joked: "I saw Li Zongwei more than my wife." The relationship between the two is also very close, Li Zongwei once admitted that he is love and hate for Lin Dan, but Lin Dan said: "I have no hate for love only for Li Zongwei. Because of him, I have a gold medal." Two people in the game, both opponents, is the brother of Freemasonry. Apart from the game, the two will joke with each other. Li Zongwei injured, Lin Dan will come forward to give him comfort. No matter who won the championship, will be able to bless in the side, even the stations are the same. But the reality is cruel, as a number of badminton fans idol, Lin Dan or made the wrong behavior. Hopefully, he will be able to minimize damage to the family. Caught in the shower sexy beauty customers how to do? A world famous hotel manager, interview question is this: " when you accidentally walked into the room, saw a female guest in the bath. What should you do? " people raise their hands to answer, and some say, "excuse me, miss, I’m not." Some say, "Miss, I don’t see anything." The boss kept shaking his head. This time a handsome young man said a word, was hired on the spot. You know!相关的主题文章: