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SEO Linked in is a social networking site that has been around since the year 2003. Over the years, the network has seen extensive growth and at present it has a membership in excess of 85million. Because of the large number of people that use the site, it has be.e a popular target for marketing campaigns and any serious digital marketing agency should seriously consider joining. In case you intend to carry out a digital marketing campaign using the site, the following tips should prove invaluable in the endeavor. .pletion of your profile It is important to have a profile that is 100% .plete. There are several vital .ponents that should be part of your profile. These are; -Clear professional photo of yourself -Attractive headline and profile summary- The headline to your profile is what introduces the profile visitors to you. As such, it is important to have a catchy headline that will attract and hold the attention of even the most casual of the visitors. A catchy title invites them to find out more about you -Your level of education- Clearly state the highest level of education that you have attained -Your areas of specialty -Your present position -At least 2 past positions -Your full experience- There is an effective tool at the site, the Resume Builder, that can help you detail your experience on your profile page -A minimum of 3 re.mendations Inclusion of preferred keywords You should choose the keywords to be associated with your profile very carefully, especially if you are a part of a digital marketing agency, as it is the keywords that will determine the position in which you will rank among search results. Any digital marketing consultancy firm will tell you that the keyword must be mentioned a number of times in order to improve your ranking among the search results. The digital marketing consultant will also inform you of the ideal keywords to us for your particular business. The digital marketing consultant can also advise you on the best way to capitalize on the budget you have available for this activity. Customization of the URL Your URL is the unique link that lands visitors directly to your profile page. As such, it should contain some information relating to you, preferably your full names. You can customize your URL by selecting to edit your public profile. Maximize site activity You should try as much as possible to be active and take part in activities at the site as this is the best way to get noticed. You can also participate by asking questions or answering them. In addition to these tips, there are a number of additional measures that can be taken so that you get the best ou7t of the social site. You should visit a digital marketing consultancy firm for more of the same tips. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: