Nanning citizens enjoy new experience and choose the full moon flight at mid autumn night ca1477

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People in Nanning enjoy a new experience on the night of the Mid Autumn Moon flight of contemporary life daily news (reporter Feng Yaohua correspondent Liu Weizhong Hai Ping) is an important custom of Mid Autumn Festival moon, an essential. In recent years, the sky full moon has become an increasingly popular holiday new way. Nanning public Liu told reporters, for a few days in the Mid Autumn Festival this year she went to Chongqing with my family, listening to a friend mentioned before the moon flight, Liu specially selected the night flight plan to travel, in meters altitude close intimate contact with the moon. The so-called "moon flight" is in the mid autumn festival night, take the landing time in 18:00-24:00 flight, because the airliner in the stratosphere cruise, the height of the particles in the air and clouds, high visibility, fog etc. generally unaffected by the weather, so even by the weather on the ground to the moon, the plane flew to heaven can see the moon, the moon and the effect is particularly good. South China Airlines Guangxi branch staff told reporters, take the "full moon flight" in addition to sitting by the window, but also determine the flight direction of the flight. Because the moon flight window seats are more sought after, passengers can advance selected seats on the Internet, mobile phone client, feel a special flavor of the moon". Related: "Nanning, scenic venues have prepared a feast at your mid autumn festival" Hi "traffic police released a small holiday tour around the Mid Autumn Festival travel tips received the" Raiders "cloudy to sunny Mid Autumn Moon Guangxi altogether this time"

南宁市民享新奇体验 中秋夜选乘“赏月航班”   当代生活报讯(记者 冯耀华 通讯员 刘巍 钟海平)赏月,是中秋节一项必不可少的重要习俗。近年来,空中赏月成为日渐流行的一种过节新方式。南宁市民刘女士告诉记者,今年的中秋节她将和家人去重庆待几天,之前听朋友提到过“赏月航班”,刘女士特地选择了晚上的航班出行,打算在万米高空“近距离”与月亮亲密接触。   所谓“赏月航班”就是在中秋节当晚,乘坐起降时间在18:00-24:00的航班,由于民航客机都在平流层巡航,这个高度的空气中颗粒物和云层少,能见度高,一般不受雨雾等天气影响,因此即使由于天气原因在地面上无法赏月,飞机飞到天上一样可以看到月亮,而且赏月的效果还特别好。   南航广西分公司的工作人员告诉记者,搭乘“赏月航班”除了靠窗坐以外,还要确定所乘航班的飞行方向。由于“赏月航班”靠窗的座位都比较抢手,乘客可以在网上、手机客户端上提前选好座位,感受一次别样风味的“赏月”。   相关报道:   《南宁景区、场馆纷纷备下节日“大餐” 中秋任你嗨》   《交警发布中秋出行提示 小长假周边游收好这份攻略》   《中秋多云到晴好赏月 八桂大地共此时》相关的主题文章: