President of the Bayern with Lavon contract progress is very smooth look forward to good results – S

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Bayern President: progress and renewal of Lavon very well expect to have good results – Levin Wanzheng and Bayern sports Sohu   contract negotiations; Beijing time on October 27th evening news, Bayern’s continuing concern of the outside world raise a Babel of criticism of Feng BA Lewandowski offered something recently fired, and Southern Star chairman Rummenigge in an interview also talked about the matter the Germans, has revealed that the club has already begun with the Poland star talks, and the progress is very smooth. In recent seasons, the performance of Poland’s front wing is obvious. Last season, breaking the dusty years of record, with 30 goals to get the golden boot. Since the start of the new season, Lavon is still hot, in the 13 games played on behalf of the Southern Star, the Polish scored a goal and had 2 assists in the game. The Bayern club will also Polish contract expires in the summer of 2019 as priceless. The Real Madrid star coveted Poland Southern Star is known to all, of course, do not want to lose their striker, Bayern decided to use a New Testament will be Lavon at the Allianz arena. After the news from Poland media said that Lewandowski has been with Bayern on a new contract agreement, the new contract will let him have been playing for Bayern in 2021, and the annual salary is up to a staggering 15 million euros. This year will allow it to become a full second high salary Bundesliga players, after Bayern teammate Muller. Although earlier Lavon’s agent Battelle Malaysia Ike on twitter client and Bayern denied their start negotiations matters, but Bayern believes the club full of confidence in the Poland star and complete the contract. Rummenigge, President of the Southern Star, was asked about the club’s contract extension with the club in an interview with the sports picture, and the German said: "everything looks very good on. Lavon has been extended for a few days, we have a very good start. The next thing is usually a good result. When we reach an agreement with Lewandowski, we will announce the next day. We’re not going to let this be the focus of the media for a long time." (Crocodile)相关的主题文章: