The movie longan stone in Panan dragon gorge to boot at the box office Entertainment –

The movie "longan stone" in Panan dragon gorge to boot at the box office – Entertainment Sohu recently by the Zhejiang Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Runfa film culture media Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Shengda Television Culture Co., Zhejiang golden Shanghai Television Cultural Development Limited joint produced through the Movie Costume produced "stone" in longan 8:28 on August 28th in Panan County, dance dragon Gorge Scenic Area held a grand opening ceremony. Drama is a television drama form popular in recent years, the distinctive logo is more or less related to the content of the cross plot. Through the short passage of time and space, popular refers to a person because of a certain reason, after a process (also can be no reason no process), from the time and space (A space) to another time and space (B space) events. Drama drama as a clue to the basic clue. Such as the "magic phone", "love through time and space", "looking for Qin Ji", as well as the preparation of the "Gong Suoxin jade" and so on. I believe this "longan stone" can write one of the martial arts classic! Elements play also aspect in martial arts movies, as a unique type of film Chinese, action design and aesthetic attention to the "real", do not use or less use of stunt. The film in two pictures and plays are quite new, both popular elements of the contemporary, and the China of traditional martial arts, believe that a new world is such a style of "longan stone" will open the Chinese movie! Let us stay tuned! The film tells the story of Wanli thirty-seven years shuerhaqi Alton was a son uncle Nur Ha Che ordered the killing, Alton a fiancee Beller away out of siege, but was later tightly followed in the fight, Alton, fell from the cliff, woke up and climbed up the cliff to see his fiancee insulted dying, dying to live a Alton account. Heartbroken he alone came to the Ming Dynasty Jiangnan beggars snakebite. In the cave cave collapse healing hole is sealed, but the chemical reaction of rock and air hole from a specific form can make the body temperature decreased the chlorpromazine, Alton a dormant state, after four hundred years of mining fried mountain sealed cave shock out of a hole, a cave with oxygen into moving machines the loud noise of Alton, wake up, wake up and go to the mouth of the cave was the strong sunlight thorn back, because four hundred years no sight……相关的主题文章: