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Warcraft interview: rocket has become the past tense to become a better leader Howard dialogue sina sports news Beijing time on September 10th, Atlanta Eagles star Dwight – Howard China line near the end, at the last station, he was interviewed by the media, talked about his views Chinese basketball and look forward to the new season. The following is the interview: 1. In Guangzhou, you have seen a lot of amateur league matches here. What do you think of these players? I think the players in Guangzhou are very talented and I was fortunate enough to be able to coach them last night. I can see the basketball league again in Guangzhou tonight and I am looking forward to their performance. 2. Yesterday you brought a lot of fun for the Guangzhou game, what would you do today? Last night is really very funny, but today my main task is to live as a guest commentator, I think today’s game is relatively serious, because it is serious, so I think the most important thing is to enjoy the game tonight and the audience, and cheer for both teams. 3. As a big center, what do you think of the current trend of the league? Will this weaken the center? We do see a change in the league, but I think it’s important to be on many occasions. Of course, more importantly, we have to adapt to this change. And I believe that this phenomenon will not continue, I think the new season will be re – emphasis on the status of the center, I am looking forward to. 4. Have you ever thought about being a basketball ambassador and doing some youth basketball training in China? Well, we’ve talked about it, and we have a lot of good ideas. I hope you will also be concerned about the dynamics of my trip to China next year, you will see a lot of new things, especially on youth training this. 5. Chinese players in the main players, such as Yi Jianlian, Yao Ming, as the NBA Super Center, can you give us some suggestions for the players? First, I am very happy to see more and more Chinese center can enter the NBA League, I as a brand ambassador is also doing a lot of basketball, the training plan, hoping to find more talented players, so that more players can enter the NBA League, and not just the center. 6. Do you know what the Rockets can talk about Zhou Qi, why choose Zhou Qi? In addition, you are not happy in the Rockets’ time, what are you looking forward to in the new season? When it was announced that selected Zhou Qi in Houston, I don’t know much about him, but in selected, I went to look at him, look at the player, to see some of his video, I think his performance is very good. About the time in the Rockets, I would like to say that in the past let him go, we should face the future, I am very pleased to be able to return home to join the Hawks, I am also looking forward to the new season, thank you. 7. Did you talk to the Hawks coach Boden Holzer about the new season?.相关的主题文章: