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Fashion-Style Trisori are a duo of London-based, Italian designers who specialise within handmade, statement pieces of Sicilian influenced handmade jewellery, Trisori, which means treasure within Sicilian, aims to catch your eye with designs that are strong, elegant and contemporary. Valerie Calvo tells us about Trisori jewellery’s concealed treasures Calvo makes up one half of the Trisori team and after graduating in economics, a rather an unconventional start for a jewellery designer it might be said, she then moved to London where, four years ago, she started producing handmade jewellery. Originally since the South of Sicily, Calvo takes much of her inspiration since her homeland surroundings. Undeniably, Sicilian architecture and artists such as Tranchino have influenced her greatly and their impact is clearly visible throughout her designs. Although a blossoming business now; starting Trisori was not without its challenges. Calvo soon discovered that the decorating itself was actually the smallest factor in turning Trisori into a successful business. It took finding the appropriate manufacturer, who believed in them as designers and cherished the products, before things really got going. The business side of things, such as the promotion of the brand, took up much of the pair’s time, and Calvo came to realise that patience really is a virtue. Once told by a fellow designer that a business is enjoy a baby, it doesn’t grow overnight,’ Calvo cites patience as the key to Trisori’s continuing success and asserts that to make it within this industry you must be inventive, believe in yourself, and, most importantly, believe within your product.’ Key items in their range include the dark purple, Leonora bracelet with its gold plated, geometric theme and set off with zircon and turquoise beads, and the eye-catching Leonora drop earrings. Both items are soon to be featured in Bride magazine and are the ultimate accessories for the party season. If it is not evening splendour you are looking for however, Trisori offer daytime pieces such as the Claire necklace, with its unique, green zircon; or there is also the Victoria bracelet which will give that interesting edge to any casual day outfit. A stunning range, with specific theme and flawless styling, Trisori jewellery is the ideal ac.paniment to every outfit. Calvo believes that her jewelry will appeal to the independent, beautiful, glamorous woman, who oozes self-confidence. The pieces are designed to make the wearer feel fantastic and crammed with joy. Calvo believes that life need always be full of colors,’ and you most certainly receive that feeling since her jewellery, each piece being more vivid and vibrant that the next. Both the Trisori designers worship the industry they are working in, admiring most those designers whose products also have a strong attraction for women, such as Vivienne Westwood, Valentino and Gucci. London Fashion Week screened a video collaboration which featured handmade jewellery by Trisori last year with the designs of Belle Sauvage; a momentous event for the Trisori pair, who have been characteristics within national newspapers The Guardian and The Daily Mail. Trisori promise large potential within the industry and you can get hold of their styles right here on TellusFashion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: