Credit Suisse this week the strategy Duoniu

Credit Suisse: this week the strategy Duoniu dollars Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper news (Hongkong) Credit Suisse Group (Credit Suisse) on Tuesday (August 30th), announced this week currencies trading strategies, recommended investors to buy $$. Foreign investors should consider buying new zealand dollars this week. We think that those high yielding currencies in the G10 currency will rise against the dollar. The New Zealand dollar tends to be clear in the short term. From our point of view, the importance of New Zealand’s economic data this week, less than the Australian dollar, Fed officials this week, nothing to speak. On the contrary, the Fed vice chairman on Wednesday to speak. September 6th RBA resolution approaching, the market will be more cautious on the Australian dollar. New Zealand fed resolution far, to September 21st. In addition, the dairy auction next week in September 6th is not what "noise" release. The main risk Duoniu dollars is facing the market again overall bullish dollar. Based on the technical side, the bank still holds 0.7220 of the New Zealand dollar dollar, target level of 0.7390. Beijing time on August 30th 10:29, euro 1.117376. Proofreading: TIER into the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

BOC pounds or low revisited is difficult to break the $1.05 record

BOC: pounds or low revisited is difficult to break the $1.05 record low of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 7 Reuters Friday pound fell to 31 year low moment, BOC Hongkong chief economist E Zhihuan said that if the dispute upgrade Britain and the European Union, does not rule out future exchange rate will try again low, but fell to $1.05 in 1985 is unlikely to historic lows. She also believes that if the devaluation of the pound can only change its exchange rate, does not affect the euro, the dollar sustained substantial unilateral appreciation of the opportunity is not high, the pressure of RMB and other currencies can be controlled. The following comments: this morning, the pound against the dollar exchange rate fell to $1.1841 since 1985 lows, then quickly rebounded to around $1.24, compared with the previous day and still closed on Friday fell by about 1.5% and 4.3%, since this year the pound against the dollar fell 115.7%. The market is still relatively divergent views, referring to the transaction is a result of a sharp increase in program trading, dragged down the exchange rate in a short period of time. I believe that the analysis is expected to rise in the context of the U.S. dollar interest rate hike, the market for the United Kingdom will eventually be able to shake off the soft reaction of the European dream. On Sunday, British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan interviewed by the media pointed out that Britain will be in March next year before the formal end of 50 through the Treaty of Lisbon to the European Union put off Europe, which is the fastest in April 2019 Britain will officially leave the eu. The financial market worries again from Europe will hit the UK and EU economy, especially the British financial industry can continue to have a single pass, sterling exchange rate depreciation pressure rise. A hard off Europe may have a comprehensive impact. Although the short-term economic performance is not obvious blow, but the British government will be held next year before the end of March through the Treaty of Lisbon in 50 to the European Union formally from Europe, and launched a two-year negotiations with the EU, to determine the future both in economic and political relations among the New England, whether in the maintenance of a single market access, financial in a single pass, immigration and pay a fee to the EU will become the focus of investment will directly affect the local enterprises and employees in asset markets and consumer confidence, and will also be affected, will bring the conflict to the EU and the UK economy. In addition, next year in France, Germany and Holland will hold a general election, the British and the continued weakness in Europe, refugees and economic or will bring support for suspected Optima, Europe will appear by the suspected Optima led government is still unknown, increased political risk, the financial market will inevitably lead to renewed wave lan. A single pass in the UK financial sector will bear the brunt. Recently, the market rumors that the financial sector is not the primary consideration of the British government, but also to deepen the market’s concerns about the EU’s hard to take off, and worried that the financial industry will lose the advantage of a single pass. Although the EU provisions pointed out that if the European Economic Area countries have the same level with the EU legislation in different countries, they can also provide some financial services within the EU, but the relevant provisions did not cover the entire financial industry, such as retail banks have not been included, i.e. 3 of Britain’s financial institutions相关的主题文章:

National health delivery documentary, so that the father is no longer worried about childbirth – mat-kaya scodelario

National health delivery quasi documentary, let dad no longer worry Sohu since maternal childbirth pregnant wife, I am playing the spirit of twelve, I have to accompany from daily meals to check every time, because I don’t want to miss the wife during pregnancy time, every little bit we face together." A waiting room, such as the results of the examination of the father said. Pregnant in October, who do you think pay more? I believe many people will answer: "of course is pregnant mothers, they gave up the beautiful fashion, give up the maintenance of skin care products, give up too much," but think back to fathers, their pay is not better than pregnant mothers little, they were afraid they feel uncomfortable, sleepy wife they worry about the baby and adult health, afraid to miss a pregnancy test, they worry that his wife could not eat, every dish will take a long time, see here, is not the feeling of our fathers is also very great. In October, to 32 praise for Dad! You love what to eat, I do; every time your pregnancy test, I accompany you; your legs are not comfortable, I help you rub and so on some things, for from the kitchen, trivial life are troublesome during the expectant father, his wife was pregnant ten a month, can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade to the hall and the kitchen, home of the big or small are a person by his commitment, his wife is only responsible for safe child care, to meet the baby’s arrival. In fact, the father to do every little bit, we can see that they change to his wife more love, more responsible for the family, there are more requirements on their own, perhaps this is the evolution of a mature man. Birth, Father also occasionally Mongolia! For pregnancy is pregnant mother, in addition to the excitement is afraid, the baby is excited to meet with you, afraid of not knowing what time the baby started, in addition to pregnant mothers will have such a complex psychological, quasi dad will also have small. The guy coming earlier, let anything can deal with the handy father didn’t know what to use, do not know how to do a baby, do not know how to encourage his wife during childbirth pain and so on, a series of don’t know, let father become fameng. In order to allow pregnant mothers to be able to smooth delivery, the state of health sent a special crew, through the image, a solution to the hearts of all prospective father in doubt, to become a qualified father. (this will meet with you) special statement: 1, the delivery room of the shooting, all the equipment and staff through strict disinfection procedures, the use of night shooting delivery room free time, after shooting the delivery room again for disinfection cleaning, to prevent any possible safety hazards. 2, the film starring as guest actor, rather than in the health of customers, health time protection of customer privacy, absolutely not allowed in any form, without my family and allow recording.相关的主题文章:

Cao Yuanzheng China’s economy is approaching the end of the L type vertical pole-lightscape

Cao Yuanzheng: Chinese economic type L trend has been close to the vertical bar at the end of August 25th Sina Financial News News, today summer Yabuli Forum opened in Xi’an, Renmin University of China professor Cao Yuanzheng said at the forum, China economy showed "L" trend, while the lever has peaked, high lever is not sustainable, but the PPI data show that the economy has stabilized China. At present, China’s economy has been in close proximity to the end of the L vertical bar position, or will continue to be flat. Potential future growth or about 6%. High leverage unsustainable." Cao Yuanzheng said that after 2008, leverage growth rate is very fast. Recently M1 and M2 continue to expand, corporate investment declined. M2 growth in July, but the 98% is personal credit, corporate leverage at the top. The lever has peaked, enterprises are not in debt." It stressed that if the lever is not sustainable, or increase the possibility of financial risks. But it is worth noting that China’s economy has stabilized." Cao Yuanzheng said, PPI narrowed, the company will have cash flow and other indicators show that China’s economy L shape trend, has been at the end of the vertical bar, or will continue to be flat. "I think the potential growth rate is about 6% or so." When asked about the exchange rate movements, Cao Yuanzheng said that the exchange rate change is the relative value. It believes that China’s low inflation rate, purchasing power has not changed. At the same time, compared with other currencies, the RMB appreciation, but the depreciation of the dollar. "It can only be said that the rate of appreciation of the renminbi can not keep up with the pace of appreciation of the dollar." When it comes to the United States to raise interest rates, Cao Yuanzheng said that the world into the era of low interest rates, the United States can not escape, therefore, the United States this year to raise interest rate of 0. But now I am most worried about is to go to the production capacity and the cycle between the two, if handled properly, the risk will be relatively large." Cao Yuanzheng said that China’s economy at this stage the most measures to be taken, that is, stable leverage to capacity. (Sina Finance Li Ting from Xi’an) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Vaccine and science fan group Q & a selected 20160829- Sohu maternal and child (video)-diqua

Vaccine and science fans answer selection 20160829- 1, Guangdong @ @ Sohu mother: Hello doctor Tao Jing if the orchids, my daughter 11 months, I want to take her to Hongkong with 13 valent influenza vaccine can also be? How many needles should be inoculated? Is it time to get vaccinated with other vaccines? Dr. Tao Lina: you can go to the pneumococcal 13 valent conjugate vaccine. A total of 3 agents, the first 2 doses interval of 1 months, with a dose of third agents interval of 2 months. And other vaccines can be vaccinated at any interval. 2, @ Shanghai @yuriko: Tao teacher today will be listed on the influenza vaccine is the price of it? Dr. Tao Lina: have you heard that the continent’s flu vaccine is still a 3?. @ @ 3, Sichuan circle: do pottery teacher service round like a spit out part of the vaccine, vaccine and effect? Need to be vaccinated again? Thank you! Dr. Tao Lina: not recommended for vaccination. 4, @ Zhejiang @CC_CJ: Excuse me taolaoshi, my baby because of the PDA intervention, but after the birth of BCG vaccine and hepatitis B, no other vaccines, the baby in August age, Shanghai review the results well, doctors recommend adding vaccine, but not at the same time I would make a multi needle, should how to reasonably resow? According to age and degree of importance, the first should replant several vaccines, vaccine at their own expense can be reduced if the number of needles, which make up more efficient? Waiting for your reply, thank you, Dr. Tao Lina Tao: a variety of vaccines can be vaccinated at the same time. Leprosy vaccine priority, go to vaccination. The best is leprosy vaccine and combined vaccine, AC vaccine, meningitis with round disease vaccine inoculation; interval of 2 weeks of inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine; inoculation interval of 2 weeks, group AC combined vaccine combined vaccine and Japanese encephalitis vaccine; vaccination vaccine Wulian interval of 1 months. That’s about to catch up. Wulian vaccination thigh. 5, Beijing @ @ zhuzhuxia 01: hello! Tao teacher! Because of polio drops has been out of stock, my baby first needle polio and DPT playing a free IPV, second pin is playing IPV with four. Because the baby has been seven months, some worry, I can change into five dose third? Thank you! Dr. Tao Lina: yes. Third agent selected combined vaccine inoculated, 1 agent combined vaccine at the age of 18 months. 6, @ Guangdong Chen: Tao teacher Monday good! My baby is now five and a half months, this month to ten, Wulian hit third needles, in accordance with the provisions of the community in September 14 hit head AC binding, and in September 29 A hepatitis B vaccine, one half of the window period is community can selectively give flu and foot vaccine, but after meningitis AC and hepatitis B should be postponed half vaccination, I would like to ask Tao teacher how can I arrange for vaccination order? A month and a half of the window period should be vaccinated? Or go to Hongkong Victoria Harbor and how to play the vaccine? If you go to Hongkong after vaccination is better than the community here? Dr. Tao Lina: influenza vaccine and vaccine of foot and mouth will be full of June age of vaccination, meningococcal AC conjugate vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine in 2 before vaccination 2 weeks after inoculation. Pneumonia vaccine can?相关的主题文章:

Three barrels of oil in the first half net profit dropped by 80% the worst performance since

Three barrels of oil in the first half net profit dropped 80%   the worst performance since its listing — energy — first half net profit dropped since 80% days to earn 0.7 billion barrels of oil hit the worst performance in the evening of August 28th with Sinopec semi annual disclosure, the three major domestic oil giants in the first half of 2016 "report card" all appearances. Involvement in the downturn in international oil prices, Sinopec net profit of 19 billion 250 million yuan, down 21.3%; the oil over the worst first half performance, only earned 528 million yuan down 98% year on year, CNOOC is the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million yuan. According to the Economic Information Daily reporters statistics, three barrels of oil net profit totaled $12 billion 78 million, an average daily gain of $70 million, compared with the same period in 2015 earned 360 million yuan a sharp decline of $81%. But even so, they still pay dividends amounted to 15 billion 742 million yuan. In the first half of 2016 the global crude oil market in late January and early in two, after a series of bottoming out, and is the first time in international oil prices fell below the $30 mark for the first time in 12 years, but hold the key psychological price of $25. In early June, WTI and Brent broke through the $50 mark, but the trend is limited, more than $50 to $51 hovering, the highest also failed to break through $53 barrel. In this case, the country’s three largest oil giant is really difficult, especially CNOOC as China’s largest offshore oil and gas producers, exploration and development costs greater pressure. Reported in the first half of CNOOC sales revenue of 55 billion 80 million yuan, down by 28.5%, consolidated net profit of -77.4 billion yuan, down by 152.5%, which is its first loss since listing in 2011. Of course, there is another reason behind this is that CNOOC is located in North America, Europe and Africa’s oil assets depreciation and provision of up to 10 billion 390 million yuan. Once known as "Asia’s most profitable company" the industry leader in the oil although hold the "profit" red line, but also not listed since 2007 the worst first half performance. According to the China accounting standards, the first half of this year turnover of 739 billion 67 million yuan, down 15.8%, while net profit attributable to the parent company of only 528 million yuan, this amount in the past two days in the era of high oil prices is enough to earn back. In contrast, with the refining sector "golden rice" Sinopec is not so miserable. Reported that, in accordance with the accounting standards for Chinese enterprises, Sinopec achieved operating income of 879 billion 220 million yuan in the first half of 2016, down by 15.6%, attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of $19 billion 250 million, down by 21.3%. The upstream exploration and development division to achieve operating losses of 21 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 20 billion 100 million yuan loss, but the refining business income is an increase of 17 billion 300 million yuan, reached 32 billion 600 million yuan, the plate sales also rose steadily, to achieve operating income 15 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 600 million yuan. To produce such a dismal report, former deep pocketed three barrels of oil had to tighten their belts for the winter. The oil has three consecutive years substantially Yajian investment scale, today)相关的主题文章:

Porsche Cayenne Shanghai highest preferential 680 thousand cars are plentiful-hypersnap-dx

Porsche Cayenne Shanghai highest preferential 680 thousand cars are plentiful in the market promotion time: 2016.11.02-2016.11.09 2015 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix car area editing imported from Shanghai area Porsche dealers noted that the store Porsche Cayenne car on sale, colors, Car Buying maximum discount 680 thousand, interested in this car friends may wish to further look. Please see the table below: Cayenne latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 Cayenne 88.80 84.80 inquiry 4 cars are plentiful 2016 Cayenne Platinum 98.40 Edition 90.40 inquiry 8 cars are plentiful 2016 Cayenne S 108.80 E-Hybrid 95 inquiry 13.80 cars are plentiful 2016 Cayenne S 136.90 109.90 inquiry 27 cars are plentiful 2016 Cayenne GTS 158.60 126.60 inquiry 32 cars are plentiful 2016 Cayenne Turbo 221.40 153.40 inquiry 68 cars are plentiful 2016 Cayenne Turbo 283.90 S 227.90 inquiry 56 cars are plentiful more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: tab: Phoenix car market in November 1, 40082085772016 2015 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S financial policy of insurance, the price is: 15 13 thousand Porsche Cayenne S models as an example, the first car insurance costs 42 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 630 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 32 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: Cayenne models enjoy two years unlimited mileage vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 7500 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 2000 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 4000 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Cayenne car maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of two years unlimited mileage 7500 km maintenance cycle to replace the oil filter costs about $2000 to replace the oil filter costs about 4000 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 42 thousand yuan Shoufu costs 630 thousand yuan more than the car相关的主题文章:

SONY launched a new electric paper screen smart watches FES watch u-shiyang

SONY launched the new electric paper screen smart watches FES Watch U Tencent (Michael) still remember SONY launched in the last year, the main fashion attributes of the paper screen watch FES Watch? Now its successor, FES Watch U, is here. It is worth mentioning that, in fact, FES Watch is not the only commercially available electronic paper screen watch, but unlike the Pebble series flagship smart, SONY in the FES Watch play out new tricks, dial design variety makes it almost can adapt to any occasion and dress collocation. Judging from the video, FES Watch U compared to the previous generation of products in the design has changed slightly, slightly higher than the black table frame around the dial, and the benefits of doing so is to can dial down the electric paper screen effectively protect the fragile, and looks more like a traditional watch instead of toys. It is understood that the FES Watch U itself has 12 kinds of collocation, and later selection will be more, with the support of the iOS or Android applications can easily try switching. At present, FES Watch U has landed in SONY’s own First Flight platform to raise public projects as of the date of October 7th, although SONY does not seem to have FES Watch plans to launch in markets outside of Japan, but taking into account the first generation product FES Watch has been in the domestic market, the FES Watch U should not be absent? Interested friends may wish to take a look at the promotional video. Source: Slash Gear life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章:

Prices rose red books Chinese venture capital Ping An investment real estate for three years to doub-christie stevens

Prices rose red books Chinese venture capital Ping An investment real estate for three years to double the A shares of real estate investment amounted to 595 billion 100 million yuan, the bank insurance invisible real estate gangster reporter Ann Li Fen Guangzhou reported standing behind housing prices, insurance is undoubtedly the strength of capital, as housing prices get high provide sufficient ammunition". According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, accompanied by Investment Overweight and the prices of risk capital, they derive benefits are also very impressive. For example, at the end of the two quarter as a node, the total amount of investment real estate listed insurance companies reached a total of $44 billion 70 million in, compared with the end of the two quarter of 2013, an increase of $70%. Among them, China Ping An (601318.SH) at the end of the two quarter of this year, investment real estate in the first place in the first A shares of $33 billion 429 million, compared with the end of the two quarter of 2013, an increase of up to 109%. In September 27th, in twenty-first Century to accept Economic Herald reporter interviewed the State Council Development Research Center, Institute of Finance researcher Zhu Junsheng pointed out that the venture capital into the process of the real estate industry, placards, equity investments, purchase of property transactions, there is no policy barriers. But at the same time, the real estate industry once the inflection point, more worrying is that the quality of the assets of the insurance company will therefore significantly deteriorate. Equity investment "blood transfusion" take place despite the country gradually liberalized venture capital investment restrictions in the field of real estate, but according to the "insurance funds management Interim Measures" and "Interim Measures" real estate investment of insurance funds, the insurance company shall not directly engage in real estate development and construction, development of commercial and residential sales or not investment. "The provisions are not directly related to the operation of real estate related businesses, but as investors can be. For example, equity investment, the purchase of property transactions, placards, there is no policy barriers. However, the dispute with universal treasure million dispute since the insurance, these aspects also strengthen supervision." Development Research Center of the State Council Institute of Finance researcher Zhu Junsheng on twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. Although the risk of investment in the past few years due to the policy of the wave of housing prices rose investment opportunities, but in this wave of price surge in real estate prices, the smart insurance companies become the big winner". Not only in the two grade market frequently placards housing prices, but also by holding shares, joint venture, joint venture indirectly into the real estate development. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter combing, in the land market, venture capital and the establishment of a joint venture to establish a major housing prices to become the mainstream of the way, and sometimes even venture capital holdings, access to greater voice. Insurance cross-border real estate needs a certain amount of investment talent reserves and capital accumulation, or else there are operational risks, after all, the traditional insurance industry involved in the field of real estate is not necessarily familiar." Zhu Junsheng pointed out that the search for cooperation with real estate, sharing revenue is an efficient way. For example, in January 2016, because of the soaring property market to the implementation of the purchase of Nanjing has approved the "Nanjing million real estate Co. Ltd. No.2015G23 project planning and design, according to the Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau of Jiangning land planning publicity, the total land area of 235.61 acres, planning a total construction area of about 510 thousand square meters. Business information, Nanjing.相关的主题文章:

Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended first in the league and Eastern buoyant-bloxorz

Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended: first in the league and the eastern buoyant NBA new season begins, small aunt continued last season, will push the 1 main field to you every day, regardless of the odds, fundamentals or injuries and so on, small aunt will have extremely detailed information, hope to be good help to you! The VS clippers recommended: the Clippers let 15.5 negative Brand Perspective of the game the Clippers lead a lot, after all, strength and in the home court, and slow season win probability is very much, this is the advantage of the clippers. But most of the time without small aunt felt just look at the surface, recently black, I also have a lot of experience and lessons. I hope the following reasons can convince you, of course, you can also do not believe me, after all, I’m really black this time, you just do a good reference, come on friends. The ill fated Jeremy Lin’s injury this season, really let them be taken by surprise, and a few days ago, Whitehead has not been determined whether the concussion stage, other personnel are quite good. Of course, the strength is difficult to itself and luxury clippers comparison, but they are always in the season Quebingshaoqiang case to the end, which is why the king places will win 1 nets. The 9 match 7 win, 2 field bets lost or against Nicks and the bull! 7 handicap nets are: win win, win sun disc Minnesota disc, disc, piston disc win win Hornets, win, win the Pacers beat the Bucks, the Celtics win disc disc. He did win 4 games, 4 away games although lost 3 game but won 3 handicap, this is the reason that they have small aunt. Today I read an article written specially for the nets, no matter which facing the opponent, regardless of race is leading or lagging behind, the degree of the nets so that they are tough as a "weak", now the nets League second teams in the league’s sixth best rebounder is very well. The nets Lopez, Trevor Booker, Scola and Hollis – Jefferson, Whitehead, Hamilton, Kilpatrick and Justin Bennet and others have given their performance, once in the league is not recognized, but the team this season, they played the offensive and defensive, more important is the strong tenacity, is the absolute opponent and recognition. In fact, earlier in the season I eat a lot of losses in the nets on the scene of the union boss, I chased them can pass! The Clippers say more than a little sense, their 9 wins and 1 losses record highest in the league, the first and the 9 firmly seated, victory has 8 win, not often strong. But most of the season is to let the sun 12.5 points, although played, but also a little dangerous. This field allows to the nets 15.5 points, which have been in the league this season that is high. The clippers and strong on the bench level was awesome, the second team can give great help, so it needs your attention. There is a very interesting data, the 2 to nearly 10 times during the Clippers home court won 5 times, but the 10 clippers only 1 win handicap, this strange not strange, small aunt do not believe. In fact, the worse this season than last season, although it)相关的主题文章:

We don’t need a suv- Sohu-月丘うさぎ

We don’t need a SUV- Sohu. Do we need a SUV? Before we get an answer, we have to admit that SUV is becoming more and more popular not only in China, but also in the United States and europe. Renault card Plantronics, Nissan Qashqai, Honda in the European market take cities and seize territory; CRV, the TOYOTA RAV4 in the bestsellers; while at home, don’t talk about it, in addition to the Volkswagen brand is still only a SUV Tiguan, other brands have to SUV market do not line, some brands only in the compact can the layout of a variety of models. Why? Because SUV really make money, make money, no SUV can come out to mix? No SUV out of the mix shy? Speak the nerve to say that they are the automobile industry? The answer is yes, do not come to the community without SUV. Tongluowan is only a haon, that is the Tiguan, okay, I admit that I was wrong, the mass powder, but I determined not to buy the tiguan. You ask me why? Because I’m waiting for a new view…… I would like to say that we do not need a SUV, on the handling and ride comfort, the car dumped SUV a few streets; on space, MPV said to be second, the first can only be a piece of money from Xidan to sit on the public transport of Wangfujing. But SUV’s hot growth has become a phenomenon. When SUV becomes a phenomenon, we have to think about a question: SUV can replace the car to become the flag? Now, it seems to be a ridiculous question, BMW’s flagship is only 7, Germany’s travel must be S, the queen of England is the only tour open carriage or Rolls-Royce mirage. But the truth is often unexpected. 15 years ago, I don’t think NOKIA will I not know Ma will be unable to get up after a fall, is a name card of Hangzhou 15 years ago, 10 years ago, I will not believe Bentley will SUV. If CRV, the Tiguan sales is only civilian game, then Porsche began selling the Cayenne, the world began to subtle changes; to Martha Lahti and Bentley also began to temptation, the change in the world is some big. Now, the public is to step in the first place, the Tiguan is just a money making tool only, Benz GLS status is far less than the S level. The most fun is to this, so we can free the awful in this chat SUV is not able to position the car overturned. When SUV around more and more, SUV is how to is not important, whether it is from the traditional cross-country evolution, or from the cross of CROSSOVER, Jeep were to the opponent and shout "you win the world." If friends and family more and more choice of a SUV, no surprise, because this is not necessarily follow, is more of a lifestyle change. When the car began to spread to the society in the form of a car, the car represents a more traditional cultural imprint, from top to bottom, from the nobility to the civilian, from the official to the folk communication. But when the car starts to play more family members this I相关的主题文章:

Even because of a letter car tire prices increased by 300 yuan (video)-roselip

Just because of a letter of automobile tire prices increased 300 yuan to change those things about the car tire tire nearly two days there is a question to us by car owners maintenance public number, said why I bought a tire spent 1100 yuan, but the online price is 800-1000 yuan? Not to say that the tire offer is very transparent now? Are the pits? After the inquiry found that the owner of the tire to buy the size, pattern and so on are the same, but the speed level is not the same, the difference between a letter, but your nearly 300 yuan. What is the speed rating? Speed rating is marked on the tire of the maximum speed limit signs, such as the above figure V, which represents the highest speed of this tire is 240km H. The concept of speed rating was put forward in the 60s of last century, in order to prevent the car on the highway unlimited (with reference, pictures, inquiry) system to accelerate the risk. Today, most passenger car tire speed rating between S to Y, that is, the maximum speed can be between 180-300 km. In accordance with international standards, the speed of passenger car tire must be higher than the maximum speed. 7-10 million class A0 sedan design speed is generally 200 km. Should be equipped with a maximum speed of 210 km of H class tires, 10-15 million A-class car with a maximum speed of km of class V tires; 20-30 million B class car with a maximum speed of 270 km W tire. Why is the higher the speed, the more expensive the tires? The higher the speed of the tire, the higher the cost of processing, the so-called penny. Under normal circumstances, the same brand, the same size tires, the greater the load index, the higher the speed level, the better the performance, the price will be more expensive. Michelin, for example, the same size tires, 91V tires will be thirty or forty yuan more expensive than 91H tires. Level of speed on the tire performance tire when high speed rolling, because of extrusion, deformation and heat, while if the speed lower grade tire, tire deformation will be more serious, not only will produce more heat, but also damage the tire structure, shorten the life of tire, and even the risk of tire. In order to relieve the tire deformation and heat, high speed grade tire will make enhancement in the shoulder and pattern, which not only reduces the deformation in the rolling process of the tire, the tire grip is stronger. Here is to remind the owner, when buying tires, not only to look for the brand, the tire model must also look at the whole, do not like the friend to ask this, buy the tire brand, pattern, size, flat rate models are the same, but the speed level is poor several, finally buy a new only when the spare tire.相关的主题文章:

World Cup will not have a little panic in tyrannical European Cup collective slump – Sports –

World Cup will not have a little panic in tyrannical   European Cup collective slump – Sports – original title: the Lord will not have a little panic in at Beijing yesterday morning, the end of the September international match day, 2018 World Cup qualifier in Europe and South America were the first round and eighth round finishes. Yesterday is the common characteristics of war victory "soul" — C Luo injured, European Cup champions Portugal encounter black door; no back to Barcelona Messi injured, the Argentina team also lost the top team draw is the bottom. The European Cup European Zone World Cup first round group in the doldrums, this summer the French European Cup championship won only 1 flat 1 negative. The European Cup runner up France wanton 24 foot shot nothing, and the Belarus team goalless draw, Giroux missed opportunity, everyone began to miss Benzema. The same group of Holland and Sweden also held 1 to 1 level, long contest has just begun, all the teams in the A group for a total of 42 World Cup finals, is the largest qualifier in each group. The B group of the new European Cup champion Portugal more unlucky, they away in the 0 to 2 against the Swiss team, if the European Cup final C Lo injured is "sacrifice", teammates staged last crazy yesterday, no C Ronaldo Portugal has no magic. The UEFA website commented: "there is no C Ronaldo, although the Portuguese team dominated the scene, but the lack of final players, 27 shot only 2 shots. The Swiss team played a classic defensive back, 8 shot 5 shots and scored 2 goals, the only regret is the last moment red midfielder zacca." Nani, who was shot in the game, said: "luck is not on the side of Portugal, we control the game, but lost the ball." The Spanish media said: "maybe Portugal’s luck ran out in the European cup." However, the 2016 European Cup first qualifying, Portugal is also in the absence of C Ronaldo case of defeat, but then they won 7 straight to top the group qualify for the finals, eventually won the championship. No wonder Nani is still confident: "the Portuguese team has been aiming at the world cup, we want to create a miracle again." Portugal coach Santos said: we are not satisfied with the results of today, we will summarize, and then we have to win the rest of the game, because our goal is to get the first team." Messi missed the game in Argentina or South American World Cup eighth round, without Messi Argentina rely on Prato and even into the 2 Otamendi equaliser, away in the 2 to 2 draw after 7 rounds, only 1 points in the standings at the bottom of the Venezuelan team. There is no Messi, pampas Eagle grade and difference, the data show that in qualifying, Messi played 3 games the team got 9 points, 5 games in his absence, the Argentina team won only 1 games, a total score 6 points, the Argentina team in dependence on Messi is hard to change. Home court to 2 than 1 Liqin Columbia team, the Brazil team by virtue of goal difference advantage to overtake Argentina team, second in the standings, only behind the Uruguay team 1 points. )相关的主题文章:

Yongkang, a big road on the road until the accident rescue team rushed to the rescue-whereisip

Yongkang uncle road walk until coma blissful encounter emergency rescue rescue team 27 evening 6:40 PM, Shu Hanfeng and Dong Chengfa of Jinhua team Yongkang Xianfeng rescue team of two people, drove by Jinshan Road Yongkang Economic Development Zone, in the car passing through a red light, Shu Hanfeng found an old man sitting beside the road. "He seemed to be asleep, his eyes narrowed, and the men sat on the edge of the flower bed, and the body went back to the green trees." Shu Hanfeng said, at that time did not want to drive forward. "Think wrong, here is not the countryside, the old man how to sit there, do not need help?" With many years of experience to participate in the rescue, Dong Chenfa immediately decided to turn around and go to ask a understand. The reality is beyond their imagination. The two of them and cried a lot of sound, elderly people are not open his eyes. Dong Chen then shouted to law, but the old man’s lips moved slightly under the mouth say what also can’t hear. "Where are you from? Yongkang people?" Dong Chenfa said, after he asked, the old man gently nodded his head, may be hungry, may also be sick." The rescue team of Lei Luxi and Zhang Xiaoxia Xianfeng passing through here, and then they went to buy a bottle of water, and go to the store burned a bowl of noodles. Several people in the side of the road while feeding the elderly, while feeding noodles to the elderly. In the process of feeding noodles, Zhang Xiaoxia carefully wipe the grandpa’s faces. About twenty minutes, the old man’s spirit has been restored, then you can eat noodles, but his speech or no effort, say where, but it is the people of Yongkang." Subsequently, a pedestrian contact with the Yongkang Economic Development Zone police station, the old man handed to the police. Here, people may think good things have been done, but the pioneer rescue team several members of the charity is not the end. They stay to observe the situation of the elderly, and took pictures of the elderly, sent a circle of friends, called forward. After receiving the news, the team member Wang Jun also rushed to the police station. Under many users to relay, 9 pm or so, some netizens said he may be Yongkang qiancang town of Shek Kok village. As soon as possible to get the message, the vanguard of the rescue team, Fang Donghui, who drove the night to the village of stone confirmation. In a pioneer rescue team, help the elderly to find his family’s WeChat Shuabing in the circle of friends, love in the pass on online waves. 10 pm or so, netizens have contacted the Shek Kok village party secretary, and attach photos, for the villagers confirmed that the elderly is a chapter. Then the village Party Secretary for the telephone, inform the son of a chapter. To about 11 in the evening, Zhang’s son rushed to the police station from Jinyun, and picked up the old father. "The vanguard team was really great. If they weren’t there, the old man would have been in danger." Yongkang people Mr. Xu said. It is understood that Zhang has been divorced for many years, his son and his wife. Zhang why a walk outside until coma, is unknown.相关的主题文章:

Europe 6-0 Robertson and Trump O’Sullivan in the final

Europe 6-0 Robertson and Trump O’Sullivan in the final title O’Sullivan (information) sina sports news Beijing time on October 9th morning, the 2016 European snooker masters semi-final after all, the Rockets O’Sullivan in Melbourne with Neal Robertson in the game machine all-powerful like 6-0 swept to the finals, the game net in 1 hours 16 in the game the first minutes, the rocket blasted a career 826th single Pobai Australia cannon Robertson almost didn’t have a chance to do any resistance to surrender, this is also he is one of the few defeat. The first start of the two sides into a defensive war, after several rounds of the two Robertson base solution of red pile thin edge slightly thick, Taiwan red bag at the end of the chance to leave the difficult, O’Sullivan offensive mistakes, the ball type to match, Robertson scored 14 points after the position error interrupt the attack, a defense after Robertson storm straight red at the bottom of the bag is missed opportunity, O’Sullivan started a single shot 118 to win the first game to taiwan. The second sides are still more cautious, after kicking two defensive competition, after some back and forth to try to attack Robertson missed the opportunity to leave, O’Sullivan started a single shot 79 points over the next city, 2-0 lead. Start the third stage ball was beaten more scattered, ball type tilted to the right, after several rounds of selection of Robertson ball to touch bottom bounce back to the top and base thin red base line defense, not too thick red ball hit back to the safe area, O’Sullivan scored the ball to get started, even 46 hours after the use of offensive basketball top pole bag failure interruption of the attack, Robertson started after only playing a set of the combinations of errors, the two sides continue to compete during the Robertson defense, but always can not exceed two started, made 53-46 lead into advanced stage after Robertson lost the ball clear green ball, will be used to the opponent, O’Sullivan started to win 65-53. The score will be expanded to 3-0. The fourth is the first half of the game in the last game, Robertson to storm the red end of the bag, after the red ball into the red ball collision stopped after the call to the ball, but Robertson feel too bad, only 12 minute play lost bag red ball will good situation to the opponent, O’Sullivan accept the gift of smooth play a single shot 92 points, with a huge lead into halftime. After a short rest on both sides to return to the game, Robertson scored the first fifth game ball, but eager to catch up with the score of Robertson playing basketball in the bag to loose when the red will unfortunately a red ball into the bag at the end, O’Sullivan took over after the hit a single shot 63 points to 68-1 points to win, leading 5-0 to get match point. The score behind Robertson in the sixth inning single rod red top bag throw the helve after the hatchet push off, O’Sullivan mercilessly scored red start scoring, finally hit a single shot 96 points with a total score of 6-0 to win the next game. Trump the other semi-final earlier ended in a 6-2 victory over Selby, O’Sullivan 6-0 win over Robertson, the Special Olympics match the final will be staged, this may be the year’s most anticipated finals in Beijing in October 9th 8 pm start time. (a film)相关的主题文章:

Home appliance extended warranty service standard extended warranty is not extended repair need to b-9c8814

Home appliance extended warranty service standard extended warranty repair is not extended to be cautious appliance extended warranty service is becoming the home appliance products customer service service standard Changsha Red Net News September 28th (time news reporter Yang Shuhua) eleven golden week, the traditional home appliance sales season. After years of market cultivation, consumers seem to have developed such a shopping habit, as long as the product is not particularly urgent needs, the general focus on such a node to buy. In the purchase of home appliances, in addition to the product itself brand, quality, function, the consumer service will also be included in the scope of consideration. Customer service service in home appliances, home appliance extended warranty services in recent years seems to have become the standard of household goods. To buy household appliances, if pay to buy a copy of "medical insurance", even after the provisions of the state "three" period, consumers can still enjoy "extended warranty service". For home appliances such extended warranty after-sales service, how do you see? "The extension of security appliance stores different standard specific patterns of different home appliance extended warranty service, refers to the household appliances after three packs, extend the warranty, simply extend the appliance three bags of consumer spending. Now all the stores to Soybean Milk machine, electric cooker, large color TV, refrigerator, mobile phone, computer, camera, or even the majority of household appliances have extended warranty service, warranty price according to the product type, price, the extension of insurance to different age. The lowest price of 25 yuan, the highest for the first year of 5000. Although the appliance is extended warranty services, but the specific practices of each store are not the same. Suning’s warranty depends on its sub brand of sunshine service, to release "gold card", mainly to go beyond the warranty period of the service to carry out specific commodity. The United States extended warranty service called "home security", the implementation of 1 years ~5 years of the whole category of appliance extended warranty period; "Jingdong Jingdong mall service manager, Tmall is the first domestic cooperation and third party service providers Beijing Ruide extended warranty Technology Service Co., Ltd., launched its own warranty service. Red net reporter from the store received at present, consumers are willing to buy the extended warranty service of goods mainly for flat-panel TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and other equipment, the reason is that the commercial failure probability, and maintenance costs are relatively high. Extension of the service time, generally in a year to three years, the amount of deferred security services are relatively low. One year extension of the premium is usually less than the price of 8%, three years warranty service fee will be given certain concessions, and some extended warranty services can also buy goods in a certain period of time after the re purchase. Appliance extended warranty is not equal to the "extension" most consumers do not "cold" in fact, the extended warranty service is not provided by the manufacturer to extend the "Three Guarantees" service, most businesses as a promotional launch of value-added services, consumers often in the warranty period, you can enjoy free maintenance and repair services, but need to pay the required parts cost. In general, consumers and who signed the extension of the contract, who will be responsible for after-sale maintenance. In other words, in the "three packs of" time is a brand manufacturers to repair, and the extension of the warranty period is to sign a contract with the consumer to extend the contract to provide the home.相关的主题文章:

Canada Fund Zhang Xu a potential blue chip stocks return to normal in the event driven-aquaria

Canada Fund Zhang Xu: A shares return to normal event driven lurking in the blue chip Securities Times reporter Li Shuchao in the reform dividend fund manager Zhang Xu, adhere to the value, grasp the theme, event driven latent investment in blue chip stocks, this is obtained to determine the relative benefits of investment ideas in investment. Under this idea, Zhang Xu managed to fund dividend plus reform established in August 13th last year, after several rounds of high level stock market sell, not only has never fallen below the nominal value, but also contrarian gains a positive return of 8.11%. Event driven lurking in the blue chip stocks experienced in the 2007 -2008 cattle bear after conversion, Zhang Xu on the stock price fluctuation law has conducted in-depth thinking: that is how to return in pursuit of certainty in an uncertain market? Zhang Xu said, the summary and study the various stages of the history of the 3 years or 1 times more than more than and 200 stocks, trying to find the core driving factors of rising stock prices, finally found the sharp rise in stock is a common: in a period of rising stock prices, often accompanied by the expected release period when the performance. "Five golden flowers from 2005 to the Bank of real estate big bull market in 2008, then to 2010 consumer market shares, emerging market stocks leading the industry with industry growth support, leading stocks than expected performance in common. Such as the 2005 Baosteel (4.900,   0,   0%), 2007 China Merchants Bank (18.560,   0.05,   0.27%), Vanke A (23.270,   -0.05, -0.21%), 2010 Qingdao Haier (10.520,   -0.16,   -1.50%), the industry leader will be accompanied by a performance surge expected to support the stock price." Zhang Xu said. In Zhang Xu seems, in 2015 rose market crash is abnormal, the stage of the market. He explained that the 2015 bull market bubble burst and the results did not materialize leading shares there is a certain relationship, such as supporting the "The Belt and Road leading shares after the merger of Chinese Zhongche north and South car (9.310,   0.01,   0.11%), performance is not significantly improved, and the high valuation of the GEM stocks real earnings growth only around 20%, many stories of the enterprise, can not support the long-term valuation. Talking about how to layout the true blue chip stocks, Zhang Xu said, can drive company performance event known as the theme, and strive to find a strong theme in the short term strong drive up the performance of the layout. A shares return to normal in Zhang Xu’s view, from last year’s leveraged cattle fell A shares market is returning to normal. Zhang Xu analysis, the current stock market is returning to normal: the first is to return to normal valuation, valuation of the central board from 150 times high last year dropped to 60 times, "has gone through half of the journey to the bubble, but the current valuation level still needs time to digest, and underestimate the value of blue chip valuations also need to return to the historical average; two is from a performance driven mode of stock return, before the story, fry.相关的主题文章:

The loss reduction gains little logistics still flying capital operation and then seek to move-misao

The loss reduction gains little logistics still flying capital operation and then seek to move? Hot list of thousands of shares of capital flows thousands of shares of the latest review of the diagnosis of the latest rating simulation trading client Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Zhou Yixue Beijing reported to the Department of the western share profits a year ago since then Wanjiang two shareholders of Wuhu port logistics feishang Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "feishang port") at that time the transferee, the transferee price of 4.11 yuan shares. It is held a year later, "Anhui flow 2" buy low and sell high, a loss of 7 million 220 thousand. The evening of September 5th, Anhui logistics (600575.SH) issued a not unusual reduction announcement. The announcement, shareholders "profits of Western Anhui little logistics flow 2 asset management plan (hereinafter referred to as" Anhui 2 ") in September 2nd, the bulk of transactions in reducing its holdings of 144 million 500 thousand shares of the logistics company, the purpose of the reduction for recovery of investment gains. According to the reporter access to the Shanghai Stock Exchange block trading information, the bulk of the transaction price of 4.06 yuan shares, the total turnover of $587 million. Unusual is that the sum of shares in Western profits a year ago since then Wanjiang two shareholders of Wuhu port logistics feishang Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "feishang port") at that time the transferee, the transferee price of 4.11 yuan shares. It is held a year later, "Anhui flow 2" buy low and sell high, a loss of 7 million 220 thousand. Similar information management plan is not a loss, then the disk side is the possibility of a large number of stakeholders, there may be other plans for the next operation." A senior insiders pointed out that. It is worth noting that the current western and Western Anhui gains profits fund flow 1 asset management plans to hold little logistics 341 million shares, according to the disclosure of the reduction plan, which is part of the stock will also holdings within 6 months. Who’s in the pick? "Anhui flow 1" and "Anhui 2" was founded in 2015 September, then set side is still flying out the little logistics port. According to the equity transfer agreement, feishang port to Anhui flow No. 1 "," Anhui flow No. 2 "were transferred its holdings of 341 million shares, 145 million shares of the logistics, together accounted for 16.83% of the total share capital of the company. "Anhui flow 1" and "Anhui flow 2" the this part of the shares, at a cost of 1 billion 400 million yuan and 594 million yuan respectively. According to the official website of the fund industry association information shows that the foregoing two information management plan for the duration of the contract is 12 months, the initial size of $32 million, the establishment of investors for the 3. This means that the two information management plan to 64 million yuan after the poor leveraging the total $2 billion in funds. To reduce disclosure plan, the plan is divided into priority shares, subprime share and the share of bad stage three of the two information layer. Order information management plan for the principal and income distribution priority, subprime and priority. At the end of the liquidation of the information management plan相关的主题文章:

The rain doctor medical beauty line is without qualification for supremacy outpatient management of -瀬名アスカ

The rain doctor medical beauty line is without qualification for supremacy: outpatient management of deposit loophole "medical beauty" rain doctor offline online inquiry platform now doubt outpatient long-term profitability is difficult, the growth point to the medical beauty business. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that the main online inquiry has been quietly rain doctors involved in the medical field of beauty, and the way of interrogation to the line of medical cosmetology institutions drainage. But at the same time, the layout of the line under the platform of outpatient service, but did not get the qualification of medical professional management platform; there are loopholes, the platform is shown physician position is not real; in the process of investigation, high charge consulting experience is also very difficult to satisfactory. The line of outpatient qualification has been on the line of medical cosmetology suspicions of rain doctor interrogation operations in July. And expand the business to the offline clinic. It is understood that the medical beauty institutions in the business must first obtain the health care practice issued by the medical institutions practicing license, and in the development of the project with the corresponding medical beauty subjects. However, the Beijing Daily reporter inquiries found in the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the law of rain doctor operating company Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. the business scope includes: application software services; basic software services; computer system; data processing; Internet information service not including news, publication, education, medicine and medical equipment electronic bulletin board service, including medical and health information services; second in value-added telecommunications services (excluding fixed telephone information services and Internet information services); to provide Internet information service of medicines and medical equipment sales of food. Does not include medical beauty business qualifications. Beijing City Qi lawyer Liu Xueyong said that the platform operating range, and medical and medical beauty has the special nature of the industry, business playing the edge ball, may involve violations. The analysis thinks, in the online inquiry, rather than direct operation of American institutions, for the qualification, is called edge ball. Spring rain doctor’s legal business scope does not include medical beauty business consulting and opening clinics and other services. In addition, the reporter also noted that Dr. Zhang Rui, founder of spring rain last year, said publicly that by the end of 2015 in the country has been under the layout of the 300 clinics. The clinic is laid under the line of spring doctors platform clinics, doctors can make diagnosis for the user in the spring clinic. In fact, the beauty of the medical profession has been quietly extended to the next line. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in the platform client query found that only Beijing and Wuhan opened a spring outpatient service, there are 5 in Wuhan, Beijing has a total of 14, of which the United States and the United States for the studio 6. The doctor brand official said the Beijing Daily reporter, the spring side of the doctor to provide online publicity channels for doctors, while providing online consulting services for users, including Department of Dermatology, surgery doctors in public hospitals to provide advisory services. However, the Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from a number of different channels, spring clinic may have stopped. Spring rain, said the official customer service staff, spring outpatient service has been closed, does not recommend the user to pay an appointment from the platform outpatient service. The same day, another customer service staff said, the spring part of outpatient相关的主题文章:

Mito company over 1 billion users will become a giant after bat it – Sohu

Mito company over 1 billion users will become a giant after BAT it? Sohu November 18th news: Science and technology science and technology chapter adjacent to Meitu Xiu Xiu started the MiTo company is listed in Hong kong. According to reports, such as the successful listing of its market valuation will be more than 5 billion U.S. dollars, which also allows the United States to become the largest Tencent after the listing of Internet Co in Hongkong. At the same time, the industry is still overvalued for the figure at a loss is about that can raise a Babel of criticism of, Public opinions are divergent., beauties in the end is how a company? Mito company’s core asset: massive user base in Mito company exposure in the prospectus, the MiTo company made clear that its core asset is a huge user base, and has been in the maintenance of user base growth at the same time the successful implementation of its realization. According to the chart published data show that as of June 2016, the community image and application of matrix Mito has been activated in 1 billion 100 million independent devices, Mito company currently used about 446 million monthly active users, an increase of 81%. 446 million what is the concept of active users? Micro-blog’s 282 million monthly active users, the current market value of about $10 billion; YY (YY) monthly number of active users is 140 million, the current market value of $2 billion 770 million; social applications unfamiliar street monthly active users to 58 million 200 thousand, a market capitalization of $4 billion 200 million; foreign chat application Line monthly active users was 218 million. It is worth mentioning that, currently only 8 companies with more than 1 billion users, respectively, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, apple, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and the map, in which only the MiTo company is not yet listed, only listed companies, the market value of the most high is apple ($575 billion 500 million), second is Google ($530 billion 700 million), the lowest is Baidu ($60 billion 100 million). From the amount of users, said the United States is clearly following the BAT three giants after another big trend. In addition, Mito company’s user activity also continued to improve with its continuous improvement and upgrading of products and services. As of June this year, the United States of America’s core image applications produce about 5 billion 600 million photos, compound annual growth rate of 71.7%. This beauty, said: by analyzing the vast amount of data generated by the user, we can in-depth analysis of user behavior and improve our technical capabilities. Coupled with our relentless pursuit of the user experience, we have repeatedly launched successful products. We believe that a strong brand and platform for us to further increase cooperation in China and the world to lay a solid foundation for users." Over 1 billion and active up to more than 400 million of the user base, so that investors see their future business value potential and liquidity. In addition, the United States figure over 7 users become women, big data precipitation user behavior analysis ability, but also for the healthy development of its products to lay a more solid foundation, the construction and development of the analysis will further serve the whole industry ecosystem. [source: Dumbo] [far] commissioning editor:相关的主题文章:

The 600 billion venture capital withdrawal of a false rumor – Finance –

The 600 billion venture capital withdrawal A shares rumors untrue — financial newspaper in Beijing in August 25, Xinhua (reporter Qu Zhehan) according to the market in the "600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares" rumors, China CIRC relevant responsible person pointed out that the rumor is not real. It is reported that the relevant departments of the CIRC recently organized a forum on how to further improve the regulatory system of life insurance products to seek the views of some insurance companies. Relevant documents are still in the process of soliciting opinions, the CIRC wants the public to the official release of the document in the future prevail. CIRC relevant responsible person stressed that in order to meet the growing consumer demand for insurance, China CIRC will further strengthen the personal insurance products safeguard function, guide the development of the industry risk protection and long-term retirement savings products, gathering long-term insurance funds, the implementation of the development concept of insurance name "guarantee". Is the insurance funds to support the development of the capital market, promote the real important strength of economic transformation, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, will further play the advantages of long-term investment, to provide long-term stable funding for the real economy and capital market development. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 26 August 10 Edition) (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章:

Small white can play off the road, four models of steep slope slow down independent SUV recommended -exit safe mode

White can play off-road, four items of independent SUV recommended descent – Sohu car many bikers has a dream of driving the car to plateau cross-country, to conquer the whole terrain, but off-road but not you want to play, want to play can play. Many novice through complex and rugged mountain road when driving in the first time, due to the lack of experience and technology, are often confused, there is no way to control the speed and vehicle dynamics, the car is easy to control and dangerous. At this time, the car’s many intelligent assistant system is often able to help you, today we have to talk to the steep slope is one of the most important functions. What is a steep descent system? Steep slope is also known as HDC (Hill Descent Control), but also become a slope control system, is a set of automatic control system for downhill driving. The system was first appeared in the 1997 Land Rover Freelander, and later by BMW and other brands will be the rapid popularization of the technology. Interaction of it using engine braking and ABS system in the vehicle through a steep downhill, the wheel speed control in 8km h, the driver can concentrate on the steering wheel, no brakes, can lower the speed stably through, without losing grip or cause brake disc thermal decay. Steep slope slow down can greatly reduce the risk of operational errors, so that drivers can control the stability of the vehicle trajectory, and enhance the safety of off-road. This is only in the high-end luxury cars and off-road car can enjoy the black technology past, now has to find its shadow in the camp, the independent brand SUV in the next, this paper from you to pick four items the descent of the vehicle: Geely bullyear 9.88-15.78 million price range: Geely Bo the former Volvo designer Peter · horbury surgeon, has "the most beautiful China SUV" reputation, has a lot of Chinese wind elements, filled with a sense of power and beauty of nature. Botop technology equipment ultra rich, such as 360 degree panoramic camera, panoramic sunroof, ACC adaptive cruise, large size LCD dashboard, car Internet, in addition to entry version, other models are equipped with steep relief system is quite good. As for the power system and transmission of the same match to achieve the benchmark level of domestic brands, mechanical texture can compete 200 thousand levels of joint venture models. But fortunately, Geely bullyear pricing is very close to the people, released when forced the Great Wall rivals such as the price in recent months, due to the improvement of the production capacity, sales growth is very fast, has quickly entered the first echelon of the independent brand hot models, in time, it must have hope to challenge the Harvard H6 champion. Bea Dutens: the price range of 25.13-51.88 million this is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, has composed of 2.0T turbocharged engine and two electric three dual-mode power, terror, accelerated only 4.9r相关的主题文章:

The new implementation of the credit card fees more than 8334 yuan yesterday; fees

The new implementation of the   credit card fees more than 8334 yuan yesterday; fees significantly — Finance — original title: credit card fees more than 8334 yuan to implement new Zuoqi fees significantly improved after the implementation of new debit card rates, the basic level of 0.5% of the transaction amount, the single highest 20 yuan fee, and credit card rates about 0.6% single charges not capped. Due to the cancellation of the previous credit card fee cap policy, more than 8334 yuan of large consumption, with credit card payment, fees will be significantly improved. National Development and Reform Commission and the central bank in March this year, issued on the improvement of bank card credit card fee pricing mechanism notice will be formally implemented yesterday. Overall, this new deal will greatly reduce the level of fees for ordinary businesses, reducing the burden. Preliminary estimates, all kinds of businesses can reduce the total annual credit card fee of about 7 billion 400 million yuan. However, due to the cancellation of the previous credit card fee cap policy, more than 8334 yuan of large consumption, with credit card payment, fees will be significantly improved. Issuing bank service fee is no longer distinguish between the merchant category from yesterday, the industry has been criticized for a long time there will be no difference in the rate of the difference, the issuing bank will no longer distinguish the service fee category. Previously, credit card fee rates charged according to different industries, does not distinguish between debit and credit cards, credit card fee large differences in different industries, including catering entertainment credit card fee is 1.25%; the highest, department stores and other general merchants for 0.78% supermarkets, gas station etc.; 0.38%; hospitals, education and other public welfare is zero rates. Because the insurance level difference is very big, some unscrupulous traders began pondering the loophole, it is to open a restaurant, but for the POS to the name of the supermarket, "code" phenomenon is very serious. The national development and Reform Commission, the central bank official said in response to a reporter asked, after the adjustment of department stores and other industries can reduce the rate of 39%, 23% businesses; supermarket businesses through preferential measures will keep rates of overall stability in the reform transition period; non-profit medical care, education, pension, social welfare, charity will implement the issuing bank service network fee, service fee in full remission. Debit card, credit card billing differences in the policy adjustment another big change is that the implementation of debit and credit card billing difference, debit card fees limit, credit card is not capped. According to reports, the bank card credit card fee is charged by the receiving agency received a single service fee, card issuers issued by the issuing bank service charges and bank card clearing agencies charge network service charges. The new deal to reduce the issuing bank service fee rate level, the implementation of government guidance, limit management, and the debit card, credit card billing difference. Rate reduced levels of card transactions not exceeding the transaction amount of the debit credit card transaction 0.35%, not more than 0.45%. Insiders said that the debit card, credit card transactions issuing bank service charges to make different policy arrangements for the two types of bank card transaction cost and business risk characteristics are differences. Because the overdraft privileges are different, compared with the debit card, credit card) in commercial banks相关的主题文章:

How to play a good double exposure to read so simple!

How to play a good double exposure to read so simple! SLR camera creative photography is always the most interesting part of the link. Some students think professional SLR camera should be focused on the ultimate shooting experience, rather than the creative features are designed on the camera. We can see that even this year, such as Fuji X-T2 flagship class micro single camera, but also in the dial set up a double exposure or panoramic photo shooting. If you buy a camera since you always press a shutter is one, try a very interesting double exposure creative gameplay. What about double exposure? Double exposure, also known as the two exposure, it can be derived multiple exposure, but in reality is a "negative" on the different exposure images. Double exposure many students have heard of, but rarely as the main theme of creation to further study. Double exposure, not just choose the two photo synthesis is a good work. The best case is that the first photo to choose the exposure of the photos, select a very strong contrast photo. There are many ways to make photos under exposure, you can choose to shoot with the clouds in the light focusing light case, also can be in the camera exposure compensation set -1EV or lower. The purpose of this is to try to appear as dark as possible in the photo. Double exposure photography (photography from the Pacific tribe) when you have seen the master of photography you will find that the masters use in portrait photography lighting skills to create shadows, but this part of the shadow for double exposure is an excellent theme. The principle is very simple, the two photos in the synthesis of the darker the more space can be "missing" to accommodate other content. If you think it’s too complicated, remember that the person’s hair is black, the main body of the second photos. Fuji flagship single electric X-T2: Dial comes with dual exposure feature second you can choose your favorite photo. But whether it is the first or the second, the author is to suggest that we try to use photographic subtraction to create. The more pure the picture shows, the more able to express the strength and depth. I simply try to create the following theme for the eyes is the best human camera photos. Yes, double exposure is so simple, as simple as that Divine Comedy Network PPAP. From the above you should be able to observe that the black area is pen, which can accommodate second photos of the apple. So that’s how pineapple got it. How to play double exposure phone? No SLR or single camera friends do not matter, you have a cell phone, can install app, but also can play double exposure. In iPhone, for example, Appstore which contains a lot of fun photography app, which has a number of free double exposure software, such as the relatively hot foot before. In fact, the same with the SLR camera, but still have to pay attention to the first shot of a strong black and white contrast photos, and then shoot the main performance of the object. Generally play this type of double.相关的主题文章:

Lang Ping resigned because of pain or questioned the women’s volleyball coach Zhu Ting was changed a-noreply

Lang Ping resigned because of pain or questioned the women’s volleyball coach Zhu Ting was changed a sports Sohu action – Lang Ping appeared in the opening ceremony skillfully serve Volleyball League in October 29th, 2016-2017 started a comprehensive national volleyball league season in the division, temporarily did not renew China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping, yesterday appeared in the opening ceremony of the guests and led the kick-off, opener MIP (single best) Gong Xiangyu awards. Talking about the next four years will renew Chinese women’s volleyball team, Lang Ping bluntly at this stage the body may no longer fit for such an important position, need to re set according to the United States to do a comprehensive physical examination results, and for the disciple Zhu Ting were asked to read a action to respond to. Compared with Serbia Terzic, United States, Holland and Brazil, the killari Guidetti guimaraens smoothly Marshal re-election, China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping’s intention to renew, but before the Rio Olympics "has been looking forward to go into coaching," now "may wait until later next year". Considering Lang Ping after the Olympic Games social activities tight itinerary, Paiguanzhongxin also respect their will and so busy this time to rest after the meeting. Also, according to the previous Chinese men and women volleyball coach across the Olympic cycle selection practices, usually in the Olympic Games after the end of the second years before finalizing the national team training camp. However, row extension tube center and Lang Ping temporarily shelved, let the Italy women’s Volleyball National team saw the poaching opportunity, there is news that it will use the paid holidays and invite them to join the good condition. In this regard, Lang Ping himself and the team did not confirm this rumor, in order to ultimately decide to wait until the results of the medical examination to respond. The most important issue is the impact of the renewal of the physical condition, Lang Ping talked about injuries, such as the introduction of the current physical situation may make me no longer adapt to the coach. No pain, hip pain in every hour and moment, very much, always need to eat painkillers to relieve pain. In addition to hip, waist is terrible. Like her daughter said, the whole body parts have problems." As China women’s volleyball coach to labor, and to bear the pressure of Lang Ping is concerned, "sometimes I still think, another 4 years, my body can endure? After all, every day 6 or 7 hours of high-intensity work, must be devoted to my heart, I can insist on it? So, I will go to the United States as soon as possible to do a complete physical examination, after which there will be a clear answer." In this regard, deputy director Paiguanzhongxin Liu Wenbin bluntly renewal is variable, but he himself for Lang Ping to continue with confidence, "Lang Ping, if I want to hold on to, we will not engage in direct competition, Lang Ping in command. However, Lang also told us that she was more tired, we give her full consideration of time. We will be the greatest sincerity to keep her, but also will consider her physical condition. At present, from top to bottom, Lang Ping is the National People’s public figure, I can continue to sign Lang Ping full of confidence." Disciple Zhu Ting earlier on behalf of Turkey – Keifer watts in the Bank Club World Cup, coach Guidetti asked the a controversial action. In this regard, Lang Ping somewhat Italy).相关的主题文章:

Entertainment, when the paparazzi proposed presidential campaign issue, Kan Ye unexpectedly – Sohu..-g-area meru

Entertainment, when the paparazzi proposed presidential campaign issue, Kan Ye unexpectedly… – Sohu in the United States presidential election has ended, but the subsequent craze that a short time is difficult to retreat, especially our Kanye followed rub on the hot. Madman can be president, the shoes of the ridge must not be able to sell, said the president had to choose the ridge ye, was a lot of people laugh at that time, Obama was also given an interesting response. No matter is ridicule or support, from Kanye YEEZY sent him two, friendship is good. The daughter of Clinton Chelsea has issued a response to "become a candidate who is very important, even if only a small VMA friend heard these words, you can make him want to run the idea, this is good." This is the paparazzi watch Kanye, sharp asked this question, but did not respond specifically to Kanye, so many friends are full of disappointment. This film Kanye although did not answer this question, but see Kanye a rare smile to help fans signature, generosity, is also very special scene. But if Kanye really was the 2020 presidential election, and Trump have the opportunity to choke each other will be very exciting. The first WeChat trend from the media to herself, to defend the WeChat ID:swagdog press down the left side of the two-dimensional code concern after the point of a praise again相关的主题文章:

11864 people lined up to apply for new energy vehicles index – energy – People’s

11864 people lined up to apply for new energy vehicles — energy index — original title: 11864 people queuing for indicators of new energy vehicles original title: 11864 people queuing for new energy vehicles, although the annual index index of new energy vehicles has been finished in the last round, but this is the 11864 applicants to the Beijing City passenger car do application index. They still have a glimmer of hope that the new energy vehicles target, that is, in 2016 the first round of the new energy vehicles abandoned number will return to the number of pools. In October 9th, a small passenger car Index Office released data: as of October 8th 24, the cumulative receive a personal demonstration and application of new energy passenger car configuration indicators confirm the extension of the application and a total of 11864; there are 1773 enterprises and other units to apply for demonstration and application of new energy passenger car configuration index 2408. However, the previous period, the city’s 60 thousand new energy vehicles have been used all the indicators. These applicants want to get the target, can only hope that the first round of the new energy vehicles abandoned index. In accordance with the current regulations, the new energy vehicles can return to the number of indicators within a year of the pool, but the year is not configured for new energy indicators, as well as the indicators are not used expired not across the year configuration. This means that the current round and the next round will be likely to abandon the number returned to Hao Chi pool. But industry insiders predict that a considerable number of applicants for the appointment of new energy vehicles ahead of schedule in advance, because the abandoned number will not be too much. In addition, ordinary car Yaohao coefficient of difficulty will be further increased. Round received a total of 2718977 ordinary passenger car configuration indicators to apply for and confirm the extension of a total of about; there are 47235 enterprises and other units to apply for ordinary passenger car configuration index of 77687. In accordance with the regulations, the relevant departments will conduct an audit of the application information, the audit results will be released in October 25th to ease congestion in Beijing website. (Liu Mian) (: Yanlu, commissioning editor Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

Bank of China International to maintain the long-term purchase of Tencent rating-www.b

Bocom international Tencent to maintain long-term buy rating hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Center for Internet research and Innovation: Director: Dr. Gu Xinyu CPA, Ma Yuan, Sun Mengqi: WeChat pay toll rate is relatively low, the related revenue is expected to continue to grow   we according to the payment made analysis of income data disclosure of Tencent, Tencent estimated payment related income increment of 2 consecutive quarters of nearly 1 billion yuan. We believe that this part of the incremental one hand from the individual user WeChat wallet cash income, on the other hand, mainly from WeChat to pay online, as well as the rapid growth of the amount of online payment transactions. Expected in 2016, Tencent will pay more than 10 billion yuan in revenue, representing an increase of 2015, accounting for about 7% of total revenue. The Tencent to pay the related revenue will be mainly from WeChat to pay for merchant service fees and personal users cash cost, after WeChat and WeChat paid envelopes, taxi drops fast layout and online promotion, users through the WeChat payment willingness to consume more and more strong, the future of merchant fees will be WeChat pay the key direction of business model. By contrast, WeChat payment service rate is still relatively low, there is still a strong attraction for the businesses at the same time, benefit from the WeChat payment has been popular, the establishment of user habits, this part of the revenue is expected to the steady growth of future. We expect the future payment of Tencent related revenue will continue to grow steadily, in 2017, 18 annual growth rate of 42% and 33%. The future of mobile payments will maintain rapid growth based on, and will continue to penetrate into the offline payment become similar to UnionPay, POS machine credit card payment method, wider coverage, more service category, at the same time, the two-dimensional code sweep mode can solve the user in the scan code risk concerns, therefore, we increase the Tencent 2016E 17E 18E revenue forecasts were 1% 5.4% 10.6%. However, due to the payment business and cloud services are still in the early stages of the construction and nurturing user stage, is expected to remain in the loss of nearly 1-2 years, adjusted 2017E 18E EPS were 1% 1.8%. Corresponding to the 2017 1.2x PEG, 31x PE, adjusted target price to HK $226 (HK $223), to maintain long-term buy rating. (both) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Beijing, a primary school 110 thousand school list including stationery and extra-curricular trainin-rewrite攻略�

Beijing 110 thousand primary school list: including stationery and extracurricular training fees according to the China voice of "peak Evening News" reported that recently, a netizen in Beijing drying out a list of school pupils, the list from the bag, stationery and other brand-name supplies to the new uniforms, shoes and other major brands of daily necessities finally, the Mathematical Olympiad classes, piano classes, specialty training and a series of expensive extracurricular training costs, the total cost of more than 110 thousand, which is called "opening price list". Immediately sparked a hot debate. Some netizens said that no parents want their children to lose in the starting line, there are economic conditions, in order to give the child a good life and education. Rich rich, the poor are poor life, good life and education can give children a broader perspective and can afford it is not a problem! Some netizens said, high school list will not only encourage students to compare the wind, but also increase the burden on children. Our primary school at that time, had not been so much training, also did not buy these brand-name products, each semester only tuition and school fees and school fees, so read from primary school to high school, from undergraduate to graduate school. Why do you compare? This raises the child how much vanity ah! Have to say this "super school list" reflects the parents Wang feng-f mood, but a taste for young children to buy brand-name products, all kinds of training classes, can really help their children? We all know that lack of the given substance can compensate the precept. School, so that parents and more concerned about the child to become the most powerful equipment bar! The survey shows that 1 Chinese students can afford to feed up to 1 American families相关的主题文章:

Tuniu announced $150 million stock repurchase has been privatized or back to a heart – Securities So-步步高i606

Tuniu announced $150 million stock repurchase has been privatized or return of A shares of the heart – Sohu securities listed on Nasdaq, also want to privatize the return of A shares? Beijing time on the evening of August 23rd, tuniu announced a stock repurchase program, according to the plan, the company in the next 12 months, may repurchase up to $150 million of the amount of ordinary shares or adss. Although the way cattle did not respond to share repurchase intention. But industry analysts analysis, does not exclude tuniu privatization to prepare for the move may. Relative to the U.S. stock market, A-share market valuation of Internet companies is significantly higher, which also attracted a lot of Internet Co listed in the United States moved up the return of A shares in the year of A. Tuniu announced that the company will be based on market conditions and the relevant provisions on the open market (in the market), negotiation of trading commodity trading and other means permitted by law regular stock repurchase. The board of directors will regularly review the share repurchase program and authorize the adjustment of its terms and size. The company plans to use the existing funds to implement the repurchase program. On the same day in a conference call, chief financial officer Yang Jiahong has $150 million stock repurchase program to respond, he said, that the repurchase program has a lot of faith in the way cattle take cost control after the company’s cash flow situation. However, on the way cattle executives did not give any response intention to repurchase plan. However, industry analysts think, the way cattle may not be privatized and the return of A shares of the heart, as early as at the end of last year, the white Haihang tuniu, tuniu became the largest shareholder, the industry will have to guess tuniu privatization. Analysis of GF Securities investment adviser Wang Yulin, the way cattle announced $150 million to repurchase intention or plan there are two possibilities: one is that the stock is undervalued, hoping to boost the stock price; another possibility is that the way cattle or privatization plan, or even do not rule out the possible return of A shares. In fact, since the recent stock market in the United States, although the concept of privatization privatization has weakened, but insist on privatization of the enterprise is still in the minority. Tuniu and belong to the online travel agency (OTA) of the U.S. stock market listed companies, eLong have been privatised in June this year; and in June 23rd, where the network also announced the receipt of the privatization offer. The well-known Internet companies Qihoo 360 in July this year also announced the completion of the privatization and delisting from the u.s.. "Obviously, the Internet Co in the domestic valuation must be higher than abroad, often in foreign domestic valuation of more than 2 times, so do not rule out the way cattle like many U.S. stocks listed in the Chinese Internet enterprise, have to return to A shares market plan." However, if you want to return to the A-share market, A is undoubtedly a prerequisite. For OTA companies, the huge loss has become a common problem. Tuniu August 23rd evening also announced that as of June 30, 2016 the second quarterly report of the audit, the second quarter net income of 2 billion 400 million yuan ($355 million 500 thousand) an increase of 55.6%. But it is worth noting that the two quarter to tuniu.相关的主题文章:

The price of parallel imports of 17 Porsche offer Cayenne-cibi

Cayenne date parallel import price promotion 17 Porsche Cayenne quotation: 2016-09-12 to 2016-10-12 Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from Tianjin Wande Hisamichi import Automobile Trade Co. Ltd., Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Electric car to a large number of stores, Porsche Cayenne Hybrid color with white, black, peach, mahogany multiselect etc.. The new car headlights and a heat sink to maintain the traditional Porsche style, length 4855mm, width 1939mm, high 1699mm. The latest real-time price master, interested friends may wish to shop in detail. Tel: 15102216097 sunjingli (with WeChat)   new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid latest price discount car configuration model color Cayenne Hybrid Electric Power conference discussion discussion preferential tabulation: Phoenix car appearance: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is still the front face design, but unlike the old as overbearing, sleek lines full of curves make the car look full of power. The height from the ground is 273mm, the maximum slope angle is 32 degrees, the spring of the shock absorber spring is very long, and the cross-country performance is improved. In addition, the new car is also equipped with parking assist system (ParkAssist) and power steering system. Interior: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid console buttons also modelled boutique mobile phone design, with simple chrome trim rings, dashboard signs, tachometer placed is central, tone shows Porsche’s transmission performance. The ignition switch on the left side of the steering column, the three spoke steering wheel and a large area of leather finishes. The long wheelbase provides a good condition for the rear space, so the rear leg space is very abundant, especially in the long haul, will feel very comfortable. Power: the power of the entry-level Cayenne car is all the only constant, equipped with a 3 liter V6 supercharged engine, maximum power 245kW (333Ps) 5500-6500rpm, maximum torque of 440Nm 3000-5250rpm. Other aspects: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid the strongest selling point is the "Porsche" the super sports car brand history, its handling of high performance, safety, thoroughbred sports car pursuit are completely. If you want a really different SUV, such as the character of the Cayenne so distinctive car, will not always appear, which is also adapted to the current world trend of the pursuit of personality. Tianjin Wande Hisamichi import auto trade Co. Ltd. Tel: 15102216097 sunjingli (with WeChat) Company for staging: Car Buying, Shoufu 30%, agent Beijing index? Disclaimer: the market from comprehensive dealers since the release of information, the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the responsibility of the dealer, Phoenix car does not provide no guarantee, nor assume any legal liability.相关的主题文章:

The Premier League players eager to replicate the myth of Leicester Premier League is difficult to

The Premier League players: eager to replicate the myth of Leicester Premier League is difficult to set goals Townsend new season will represent the Crystal Palace station sina sports the new Premier League season has been a war, the former England striker Townsend talked about his hopes for the season in an interview for the Crystal Palace, the new season signings and performance, Andros Townsend have given their answer. Q: you just moved from Newcastle to talk about how you fit into a new life in Crystal Palace? A: yes, it was great. We were lucky to have completed the transfer. I was involved in the pre-season training, which helped me to have a good understanding of this group of teammates, to participate in the team’s pre-season is a very good thing. Now that the new season has started, I hope our team can be twisted into a rope. Q: not only did you join Crystal Palace this summer, Mandanda and Tomkins. How do they fit into the new team? A: Mandanda came to the team just a week or so, but he was in good shape. Unfortunately Tomkins was injured, but he did a good job on the outside, he was always joking. So the new players in the team is very good. Q: this window there are many Premier League clubs are big moves, you will think of Crystal Palace before the transfer window closes with other players? A: I think you’re asking the wrong person. I’m sure they’re still looking for one or two new candidates. But even without a new player, I am convinced that the strength of our current squad is good enough to meet the challenge of the premier league. What are the goals of the Q: club this season? A: went through the Premier League last season and it’s hard for you to decide where you want to go, just like last season’s Leicester city was relegated to the top, but in the end they won the championship. I think the key is to win as much as possible, although it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar to as much as possible, but still win the game, to see what the result is. Q: you mentioned Leicester, they were absolutely stunning last season. Does this give you confidence, if not the premier of the traditional tyrannical still by trying to break into the top 4? A: Yes, it’s important for Leicester to bring confidence, faith and motivation to small and medium sized clubs. If the team work hard, gather together, and constantly enhance their strength, then one day the team will have the opportunity to reproduce the myth of Leicester. I know this is almost impossible, but faith and faith are always the most important. Q: finally, you in so many men have had the effect of Marshal, coach what personality do you love the most? A: I can’t answer your question, I played in a lot of coach’s coach different have different personalities. I can’t tell who is good or not. Everyone has their own methods, especially the boss, he wanted me to get more balls in the attacking area, become more efficient, scoring goals, assists and defend. (sina sports)相关的主题文章:

Don’t buy a car purchase, for fear of being super straight week berserk – Sohu of science and techno-hypersnap-dx

Don’t buy a car purchase, for fear of being super straight week berserk – Sohu technology this year, buy some reliable things is more and more difficult, not more expensive, is encountered such as purchase things, money can’t buy. However, with the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, amazing things will be more and more, it is said that during the double eleven idle fish auction platform has a big promotion for the super straight week, not only the product price is very advantageous, even not the purchase of the garage, it is to let people eat a pound. Perfect combination of auction and direct free fish auction is Ali’s largest online auction platform, before the sound of the country’s Papi sauce advertising auction is from this team. From the point of nature "between supply and demand, supplying the most efficient; good goods pricing, the most efficient auction; and direct supply + Auction under the combined supply, directly from the source, not only cheap, and many are of particular value by auction to the highest bidder, the highest achievement of business efficiency, it is more suitable but the mode of operation of the. November 7th -11 month 11 days during the idle fish auction will force has brought together national skilled craftsmen, to create a "super straight for the week" for consumers, "direct supply + + Internet auction" change the business efficiency, help consumer choose to heart good goods, from shopping without detours". These five days, a total industry with direct supply, direct supply, Master builders direct supply, direct supply industry and brand for the 5 characteristics of the venue, plus star possession, tea and wine tonic, jade jewelry, luxury and a total of 13 sectors of the venue, a total of more than 30000 pieces of goods, from No. 1 to preview No. 6 can see, or very high quality products, and usually is not a good buy. Industry direct supply, direct supply of direct supply and fidelity Baopei industry not only by merchants, but the auction idle fish has a special team responsible for the layers of the audit, to ensure the quality of products and sources, the general consumer category also difficult to distinguish the field, including mahogany furniture, teapot, jade and so on, are some inherent cultural heritage special products, most people buy online is easy to drill. So in addition to personally review, put forward "industry with direct supply source of direct supply, fidelity Baopei claims, formed a scale of hundreds of millions of claims fund products, fake a lose three. So that consumers can rest assured that the purchase of these products on the internet. It is worth noting that these goods are for auction to deal with real special transaction determines the existence of a leak may, of course, may also be accidentally lost love. So, often go to the idle fish auction to see what the leak can be picked up, but also a very good hobby. Don’t buy a car purchase, exclusive leisure Star Limited auction took the most powerful place is more than 1 thousand national and local governments and courts and customs have very good cooperation in the auction platform, a large number of high-quality assets, such as the purchase of housing, with the car license plate, it is hard to imagine. An auction platform could play so much. From another point of view, which also purify the market, so that the pan government auction more transparent, so that people can also.相关的主题文章:

What occasions can wear dress casual universal table-女f4

What occasions can wear dress casual universal table lead: for any consumers, want to spend money shopping, value for money, so when choosing to spend some thoughts repeatedly to do comparison, is the so-called "goods than three known good". Today we’ll talk about the budget, what are suitable for buy watches in twenty thousand yuan price range, but also to value! First of all, for those who do not pursue the complex function of the people, simple size three needle or calendar display can meet the daily wear; secondly, the design can achieve the best leisure be made one regardless of what kind of occasions, can be all-match, eliminating the day after the trouble; finally certainly can guarantee high quality and accurate travel time. In this paper, the editor will recommend the following several watches for everyone, are priced at twenty thousand yuan, but also have the high price. (source: watch home) celebrities classima classima celebrities series M0A10263 watch M0A10263 watch series basic information table models: M0A10263 movement type: automatic case material: stainless steel watchband crocodile skin case diameter: 40 mm table price: $16600 watch comments: classima M0A10263 watch series diameter of 40 mm. With elegant round polished stainless steel case, and show the brand excellence tabulation process. Watch equipped with high precision automatic movement, and distinctive appearance design: white dial extreme simplicity, collocation and elegant golden Rome digital Barton, a low-key date display 3 position dial central using iconic decoration line design, every detail is delicate and unique. Hao star R32025115 watch series radar radar Hao star series R32025115 watch basic information table models: R32025115 movement type: automatic case material: plasma high-tech ceramic material: Leather Watchband case diameter: 42 mm table price: $24400 Swiss watch brand comments: radar table is a combination of innovative design and high-tech material perfect watch brand. This watch to create plasma high-tech ceramic silver rose gold case, use a circular dial pointer and scale, small seconds disc arranged on the six point, dial the three o’clock position date display window. Watch a brown leather watch strap collocation. The watch has 100 meters of water depth function. MontBlanc U0110340 MontBlanc wrist watch series time Walker time Walker series U0110340 watch basic information table models: U0110340 movement type: automatic case material: stainless steel watchband crocodile skin case diameter: 40 mm table price: $24700 watch comments: the large table size MontBlanc series time walker to fine steel case round case is equipped with automatic mechanical movement. White dial surface clean, easy to read, the use of gold and silver plated scales.相关的主题文章:

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"Hand ran trapeze" inverted run 100 meters in just 45 seconds to refresh the world record in the world today, called him "hand ran trapeze". "Hand ran trapeze" have a catchy name, Fan Congcong. The 90, when a soldier, worked as a security guard, martial arts instructor, spent 9 years in Xiamen green time. According to Taiwanese network (micro-blog) reported earlier this year, Fan Congcong boarded the CCTV Guinness China night scene, successfully challenged a hand stand up and down 40 steps, and to take 31.7 seconds for the project world record. The same year, he ran 100 meters in just 45 seconds to record a handstand, known as the "hand ran trapeze"…… Prior to this, Fan Congcong is that doing the "martial arts Xiamen park a weirdo in the eyes of many people". The "freak" is going back to his hometown in Henan, for a movie actor. Acrophobic he was a friend saying confidence choice, there is always some subtle. Standing in the hall with 40 steps of CCTV broadcast, Fan Congcong said, he is faced with a very big choice. "I have acrophobia, participate in the program (recording), very excited, very excited, very nervous." Fan Congcong said that when he really stood on the top of the 40 steps, the body began to shake involuntarily, but also want to give up the challenge. But before he plans to return to Xiamen, to the day when the martial arts instructor, night life guards, a friend advised him: "for a lifetime may have such a chance, give up could be lost forever, must spell." "So many years of practicing martial arts, is always being laughed at (should)." In order to fight this tone, Fan Congcong hard back towards the soy leg, returned to the stage. CCTV at the beginning of the "Guinness China Night", with 31.7 seconds of success, the success of the challenge of the upper and lower levels of handstand handstand project, a record of the world record of the project, the Guinness, the world record for the world’s 40. Never promise between "Frankenstein" to the Guinness world record holder, one night, Fan Congcong completed a magnificent turn. The road of martial arts has been accompanied by the laughter of 26 year old Fan Congcong, was born in a family of martial arts in Henan County of Xihua. His father was a lay disciple of Shaolin Temple, wrote martial arts. At the age of 3, Fan Congcong was with the father of martial arts, every year at 5 o’clock in the morning began with professional brothers together during the practice, father saw walk on actor Jackie Chan in the film, in order to cultivate a martial arts star, let him walk on practice. At first, his father helped him with his feet. He climbed up and down the ground, slowly, and mastered the skills. "Walking handstand exercise is the strength in your arms, at the beginning, think it is difficult to breathe, it is difficult to" move "." Fan Congcong see martial arts so hard, more than once wanted to give up. After his father became a bodyguard, because of the loss of the martial arts urge, Fan Congcong no longer insist on exercising, or sleep, or play. Seeing his father, in Fan Congcong at the age of 13, commissioned a brother with his son to Shaolin Temple to martial arts. From 2003 to 2007, Fan Congcong did not get what results, after he was drafted into the army and the army in Zhangzhou. Because of martial arts expertise, Fan Congcong soon be all comrades know, after him;相关的主题文章: